How To Shave Legs For Gents

Usually, when it comes to shaving body parts like legs, it is mostly restricted to the fairer sex. However, a section of men also like to shave their legs. The reasons may be numerous. There are plenty of male models who need to wax or shave body hair for professional needs. Swimmers prefer shaved legs as it gives them less water resistance and friction. The same is the case with professional bicycle racers. Even if you do not belong to these professions, you can surely opt for a shaved leg! Some people just want to shave their legs for the sake of experience and sheer curiosity.

While shaving legs is not risky or have any side effects, you need to remember it is not exactly like shaving your beard. To shave their legs minus hassles, men can resort to the following steps:

Finding The Right Place And Choosing The Timing

When you shave your legs with a razor, a calm place is ideal. Do not be in a hurry to shave the legs. It is not prudent to start shaving the legs as soon as you get in the showers. Let the water soften skin and hair follicles a bit. It is best if you take a night shower and then shave the legs. It will actually help make legs smoother. When you sleep after shaving legs, they swell a bit and ooze a cleaner look in the morning.

man shaving legs

Doing It Step By Step

Some men have curly and thick hair growth on legs. If you are among them, it is better to trim or clip the hair in the evening and shave it that night. It will also make shaving less tedious and time consuming.

Using Skin Softening Products

It would be a mistake to shave the legs without applying any gel, foam or lubricant on them. Dry shaving can lead to skin rashes. Avoid using regular bar soap for lathering either. Your shave gel is a better choice. You can also use foaming cleansers made for sensitive skin. Work up a rich later before you draw the razor strokes on the skin.

Using The Right Type of Razor

It is a gross mistake to sort to the single blade disposable razors to shave your legs. It would be best that you buy a triple or 4 blade razor for this purpose. These are ideal for gliding through rough zones like the ankles and knees without causing irritation. It is not prudent to use old razors at all. While you can use electric shavers that are waterproof for shaving legs, the result may not be as good as using razors. This is because electric shavers are designed to work with face and neck contour, not with legs.

Going Slow And Steady

Do not be in a hurry to shave the hair off your legs. You can start slow and take small strokes at a time. This will prevent risk of bleeding or skin irritation. As you continue shaving the legs, rinse with water. This will make the task easier. Based on your leg hair coarseness and thickness, you may need to use repeated strokes. Ideally you should start shaving legs from beneath and go towards the hip. You should be in a seating position while shaving legs. Seating on a tool or on the floor is the ideal way to do so.

Evade Staying Glued To The TV

It is a big mistake to shave your legs when you are watching TV. Doing so can lead to hassles like cuts and bleeding. Your eyes and attention should be on the razor and your legs while shaving. In fact, you should be away from any source of distraction when you shave legs.

After Shaving Tips

After shaving the legs is complete, wash them with cold water. Avoid drying with a towel or cloth by vigorous scrubbing as it will only make skin irritated. Let the water drip or soak the legs in soft clothes.

Surely, you want the shaved legs to look glistening and smooth, don’t you? For this, you can wash them in lukewarm water and massage with a few drops of body oil or cream. It is better to use alcohol free moisturizing lotion or balm on legs as it will be soothing.