How To Stop Facial Hair Growth For Men

Men are naturally blessed with more body and facial hair than women, call it genetics or nature, adaptation or natural selection, but that is how it is. Men today have to shave on a daily basis to get rid of facial hair for their looks and sometimes to avoid looking unkempt. While, shaving is an exercise for many to be doing daily, science and research is making leaps to find ways on how to stop facial hair growth in Men. There are a few ways at present to reduce or lower the facial hair in men.

1. There Is Always Surgery: While many options would exist, but the easiest and one of the safe and trusted option is to undergo a surgery to remove facial hair. There is one procedure called the electrolysis procedure that men can undergo to stop facial hair growth. This procedure aims to stop hair growth by making the follicle lose it’s ability to grow new hair. However, since each hair follicle has to be taken care of to avoid growth, this means much more settings with your doctor based on your hair density.

Facial hair growth

2. Take Heart And Use The Tweezers: While many of you might find the need for so many sittings and the cost of the hair removal treatment costly, there are some simple but painful ways to remove facial hair. One of the many simple and used ways and means is to use the tweezers. Tweezers are used widely in the beauty industry to pluck hair that are out of place or can’t be removed with the threading threads. Tweezers can be used by men to pluck hair though it would prove to more painful than in case of women. Apply ice before and after the use of tweezers to reduce pain and feel comfort.

3. Hair Inhibitors: The best way to proceed ahead with any kind of product use that will work to inhibit or stop facial hair growth in men is to consult a dermatologist. There are many effective and efficient hair growth inhibitors that one can use. Reach out to your dermatologist to make sure that you get the right one based on your skin, the way your hair is and by being aware of what you are allergic to. The hair inhibitor will help reduce hair fall gradually. It is important to use it carefully and religiously for best results.

4. Laser Therapy: As and when you consult a dermatologist, he/ she might, based on your skin and hair status recommend the use of laser therapy to remove all unwanted hair in one go. If your doctor recommends laser therapy, it is one of the best and most affordable options and a wise one too, to pick and choose. Much like the surgery, laser treatment would also take multiple settings and sessions with your doctor depending on the density and quality of hair.

5. Try And Buy Depilatory Creams: While many would undergo surgery and use hair inhibitors, there is also an easily and readily available option of using depilatory creams. Beauty and health companies have now come up with creams designed specifically for men and their hard and coarse facial hair. These would not permanently remove the hair but would bring relief and respite from the need to shave on a daily basis.

6. Waxing: It might sound clichéd when one says, waxing is for women only, but it is a good way to get rid of hair from their roots. Waxing should be avoided if you are particularly sensitive or have irritation. Waxing a great way to remove facial hair from the roots, reduce the need to shave often, and at the same time soften the skin and remove all the tanning from the face. If you are a man who wants to have good skin and effective hair removal you can definitely try waxing.

These are some simple and easy ways to remove and stop facial hair growth that men can use. While few of these options might sound unorthodox, these are great ways to reduce and ultimately stop facial hair growth. If you are allergic or extra sensitive, consult your doctor before proceeding with any kind of medication or application use.