How To Stop Hair Growth on Chest

Is unwanted hair growth on your chest stopping you from revealing your toned workout body? Are you looking for lasting solutions to this nagging problem? Well then look no further. We are here to help you get rid of these little hairy monsters on your chest. Chest hair is problematic for both men and women. They become more of an embarrassment if you are involved in a profession like body building, swimming, and modelling or even if you wish to enjoy a day out at the beach. Here is how you can attain a clean chest look and stop hair growth in this region.

Hair Inhibitor Creams

These creams are easily available and work by reducing hair growth. Using these creams will not remove hair but it will inhibit the growth of hair by interrupting the hair growth cycle. These creams need to be used along with other methods of hair removal like waxing for best results. Makers of hair inhibitor creams claim that regular use of these creams can eliminate hair growth in the long run. These are a good and cheap option of reducing hair growth. Do read the instructions on the packaging carefully before using and remember to check the ingredients to look for anything you may be allergic to.

chest hair


While waxing may seem like a painful option to many it is the safest and most reliable out of all hair removal options available. Waxing works by applying a thin layer of wax on your chest and then pulling it to strip the hair away from the body. It is very effective as new hair growth does not appear for 20-30 days at least, depending on your hair growth rate. Waxing is a great way to get a smoother chest without exposing your skin to any chemicals. It is said that regular waxing reduces hair growth over time.

Laser Hair Removal

This is a specialised and expensive treatment for hair removal. The procedure would be carried out by a trained dermatologist who will use laser light to destroy the hair follicles. Although expensive, this treatment is very effective and is being practised widely. It is a time consuming procedure and you may need several sittings depending on your hair texture and growth pattern. If you have the moolah then go for it as it promises a permanent solution to your hair problem.


Like laser treatment, electrolysis also promises permanent relief from chest hair. During the procedure, a trained doctor will insert small needles into your hair follicles. Thereafter small electric currents will be passed to destroy the hair roots. It is a method approved by FDA and has been highly effective in getting rid of unwanted hair. The only cons are that it is very time consuming and can burn a hole in your pocket.

Natural Ways

There are some natural tips you can follow for stopping hair growth.

  • Pumice Stone: Rubbing pumice stone is said to inhibit hair growth.
    • Soy: Eating soy is also said to be useful in curbing hair growth as it leads to an increase in estrogen levels (female hormone) and keeps androgen levels in control (which reduces hair growth).
  • Scrubs: Using homemade scrubs is also a good option to control hair growth on the chest.
    However, these home remedies do not give you instant results. These have to be used in conjunction with other effective hair removal methods.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We have listed the ways to free your chest of unwanted hair. It is up to you to choose the hair removal and hair inhibiting method that suits you best depending on the time, effort and money you can spare to get a baby soft and smooth chest.