How To Take Care of Your Beard

“A beard can make or break the man,” some beard experts (yup, you heard us right) would go so far to say. While beards have always been around, the art to that perfect beard is only just making its case. Does it suit me or doesn’t it? Do I really have to shampoo my beard? We get to the beard of the matter because taking care of one shouldn’t all be hairy business.

For starters; does a beard really compliment me?

Figuring out whether a beard is in your future is pretty simple, say the experts. Simply consult with family (ideally your spouse) and your barber for an honest opinion. Some guys may just go ahead and do as they please but no one would likely know what suits your face better. A beard is the first thing someone notices and it can either be alluring or send people running for the hills. We prefer the latter and we’re sure you would too.


Putting your best beard forward

Now that you’ve got the thumbs up to forge ahead, let’s see what’s out there. Men have the distinct advantage of using a beard to enhance their stronger features while watering down their weaker ones. A weak chin can be offset with a neat beard or alternatively, a big nose can instead divert the observers’ attention to a well-maintained beard. We’ve all seen bald guys out there with pretty impressive beards and that is usually because they take the time and make an effort to groom their beards just right.

Vital beard grooming tips

Facial hair has come a long way from being just facial hair. A well deserved and complimented beard always demands a fair routine (sorry guys, no two ways about it) and here it is.

  • Shampoo – Your beard needs to be shampooed not soaped, unless you want a beard that is brittle, dry and itchy; causing you more harm than good. Shampoo is gentle on the beard and your skin. Trust us, you’ll feel the difference once you’ve tried it.
  • Condition – Conditioner might seem a bit too fussy for some guys. If you are up for it though, you will see a beard that falls beautifully and never appears wiry and unkempt. A tip? Leave-in conditioners are a relatively fuss free option while dispensing their diligent duty.
  • Trim – Regular trimming is a must, just like a haircut needs to be maintained. And just as your hair gets split ends, so does your beard, which is why trimming every two months is strongly advised by the experts.
  • The right tools – The right tools go a long way. Electric trimmers are more suited to the edges of the beard on the face. In order to target the bulk of the beard, however, use of scissors and a comb are recommended.

Unless… alas a beard just isn’t meant for you

So you’ve grown it and grown it and possibly followed the above mentioned steps to a ‘T’. Now what? Experts say that some men just aren’t meant to grow a beard as the hair growth is never justified. Take it in your stride, men. Don’t fret because you now know that clean shaven is the look that brings out the best in you. Your wives and girlfriends will thank you for it (and possibly your co-workers too).

A healthy beard is a happy one

As always, a good diet is key to (a healthy everything!) keeping your beard looking like a million bucks. A well balanced diet brings out the best in our vivacity, skin and hair alike so load up on those fruits and veggies every day.

Now that we have given you all that you need to care for your beard, you’re on your way! Beard up men, it’s a bold new era where your well-groomed beard takes the stage. We didn’t need any experts to tell us that!