How To Use a Hair Straightener Safely at Home

Do you love straight hair, but you are not sure how to use a hair straightener? Well, here is good news for you because using a straightener is fairly simple and you can do it at home without visiting a parlour or beauty salon. However, there are some specific dos and don’ts that you need to follow when using the hair straightener. Modern hair straighteners are trendy, easy to use and built for a basic user. Now, you do not have to spend hours and a lot of money in a salon. Moreover, you can just straighten your hair on the go! Here are some tips to use a hair straightener at home.

Get Your Hair Ready

Your hair has to be prepared for straightening before you start. Chemical shampoos, pollution and dry weather can make your hair rough, frizzy and unmanageable. It is imperative that you wash your hair with a mild shampoo and condition it thoroughly before you start the straightening process. Clean and conditioned hair is much easier to straighten. Also, it reduces the harm done to your hair due to the heat of the straightener. Always pick a hydrating and nourishing shampoo to wash your hair. This would make your hair more suitable for straightening.

hair straightener at home

Choose A Suitable Straightener

Select a straightener that suits your needs. There are several brands of straighteners available and you will be overwhelmed with the choice available. The product you choose should be gentle and safe for your hair. A flat iron is your best bet, but do not choose something that is for advanced straightening. Advanced ones often produce high amount of heat and are mainly for models and celebrities who need results quickly. For daily use, choose something that is basic and one that serves the purpose. Also, choose the right size, depending on the volume of your hair. Some are suited for thick hair, while others are for not-so-thick hair.

How To Use The Straightener?

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly and dry it. Make sure there is no water left on your hair. Your hair should be mildly wet without water residue in it. While drying the hair, start from the roots and work your way towards the tip. Comb your hair well once it is dry and make sure there are no knots or tangles. The comb should not face any obstructions from root to the tip.
  2. Apply a heat protection spray without fail. A straightener will produce a lot of heat that can damage your hair. Applying the spray will reduce the impact of the heat on the hair. Another tip is do not apply any hair serum, as it makes the hair greasy. Grease can make the straightener pull your hair harder.
  3. Divide the hair into strands by segregating portions of it and secure them with holders. Segregation of hair helps to get an even straightening effect. Divide the hair into various sections.
  4. Set the temperature of the straightener. It depends on the length of the hair. So read the user manual carefully and follow the instructions.
  5. While using the straightener, leave an inch from the root of the hair and work your way downwards. Follow these instructions a couple of times for each lock of hair.
  6. Stop immediately if you notice steam coming out of the hair or if you see the hair looking dry and discoloured. This would mean that the straightener is not set at the right heat. You will need to let it to cool down and then reset the straightener at the right temperature.

Following these simple steps you can achieve that straight hair look for any occasion and also safely use a hair straightener at home.