How To Use Beer For Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t want beautiful hair? After all, hair is a woman’s crowning glory and when she has thick, lustrous locks, it attracts eyeballs. Women try so many different products to get beautiful shiny hair, but there is one secret ingredient that many women may not know of. This secret ingredient is beer. Did you know using beer on your hair can make it shiny and soft? Well, just ask Catherine Zeta-Jones, the famous Hollywood actress. She will testify to this fact along with several other celebrities.

How Beer Helps Hair?

Beer contains a lot of vitamins and proteins because it is made from barley and hops. These nutrients are very good for the hair and help it grow healthy and thick. This is the reason when beer is regularly used as a rinse for the hair, it helps to make hair fuller, thicker and shinier. However, it is prudent to remember beer acts on existing hair and does not help the growing hair. There is no scientific evidence to show beer aids in hair growth.

hair washing with beer

Preparation Before Using Beer for Shiny Locks

Before you dunk beer on your hair, you need to prepare your tresses.

  • Shampoo your hair like you normally would do
  • Rinse off all the shampoo
  • Squeeze your hair gently to get rid of excess water. Don’t towel dry.
  • Don’t condition your hair unless it is prone to tangles. If you have this problem, just put conditioner at the tips of your hair and let it be. Don’t wash it off.

Now you are ready to use the secret beer treatment to get stunning and gorgeous hair!

How to Use Beer for Amazing Hair

Open the beer and transfer the contents into a jug. Let the beer, stay overnight to get rid of the fizz. Remember, you have to use flat beer at room temperature to get those stunning locks.

  • Transfer the flat beer to a spray bottle. It is easier to evenly get beer on your hair with spray bottle rather than using it directly from the jug or any other container, including the beer bottle
  • After washing your hair with shampoo, spray the beer on your hair
  • Make sure the beer reaches the roots of your hair and you gently rub it down till the tips
  • After spraying your hair with beer, massage your scalp and hair gently for a minute
  • Let it stay in your hair for another minute and then use cold water to rinse out the beer

If you want even shinier and softer hair, leave the beer rinse in your hair overnight. The odour will dissipate during the night, as the beer dries on your hair. It will make your hair look shinier the following morning.

The Verdict

After the first beer rinse, you will notice your hair is softer and shinier than what it previously was. However, if you are looking for intense shine and lustre, you will need to get through a few more beer rinses and washes to get the desired results. People with frizzy hair will notice their hair loses frizz. Overall beer can give your hair more volume and bounce that you never noticed before.

What the Experts Say?

Some hair experts reckon beer can make strip the natural oils from the hair in some people. This is primarily because of the alcohol content in the beer. Hence, people who don’t want to risk the drying, should first boil the beer to get rid of its alcohol content. Let the boiled beer cool naturally. It is only then the beer should be used on the hair. Just remember to use it on clean hair and then rinse it well to remove all the beer from the hair. Some experts also suggest spritzing the hair with flat beer as a leave-in conditioner to maximize its effects.

The Bottom Line

Today, hair care product manufacturers are marketing products that contain beer. However, these products are quite expensive and may not suit your hair type. Hence, it is best to go with bottled beer. Follow the above mentioned instructions and within no time you will have gorgeous hair that will be the cynosure of all eyes.