How To Use Bhringraj Oil For Hair Growth

Hair is certainly one of the most vital facets contributing towards one’s external appearance. In the feminine gender, the condition of one’s so-called ‘crowning glory’ could definitely make or mar one’s beauty quotient. On the other hand, barring the exception of a few, a bald look in a man could prove to be a dampening aspect. Thanks to the pollution in the air and the range of chemicals used on the hair, loss of hair has become a matter of growing concern for many.

Herbal to the Core

An herbal hair product that in recent times has gained popularity is Bhringraj hair oil. Scientifically known as Eclipta Alba, this natural hair oil is believed to have worked miracles on the scalp of many users. This hair product is prepared from an herb found in various parts of the globe such as India, China, Brazil and Taiwan. Its consistency is rated similar to that of sesame or coconut oil. Dermatologists strongly canvas the use of this oil owing to its characteristic of purity and fast absorption; thereby stimulating speedy hair follicular growth. Continuous use of this oil leads to the promotion of silky and voluminous hair.

Bhringraj Oil

Multiple Fold Advantages

Bhringraj oil has multiple advantages that can prove to be an answer or remedy for various hair woes. This oil’s fundamental benefit lies in its prevention against hair loss. The herbs present in this formula nurtures the scalp and act as food for the hair follicles; thereby causing a drastic reduction in the loss of your mane. Also, the best part is that this is a safe, clinically stamped Ayurvedic treatment formula that will never entangle you into the loop of the adverse repercussions.

Its second usage is its prevention of premature greying. Owing to aspects such as imbalanced food habits, hectic schedules, excessive usage of chemical products and pollutants in the environment; our hair is permanently exposed to the risk of premature discolouration. Resorting to Bhringraj hair oil could prove beneficial in this respect as well.
The power of this product stems from the potent plant itself. Extracts of the Bhringraj plant highlight the presence of significant chemicals such as glycosides, alkaloids, luteolin and thiphene acetylenes. It is no wonder that any product derived from this herb can create miraculous effects to the score of curing baldness.

Different Ways of Application

The easiest way of using this product is to purchase the oil form from the market and apply directly on the scalp. However, this product is available in various forms in the markets and can be easily prepared at home.

If you are going in for the powder form, then you will need to mix the same with sesame oil and thereafter utilise the amalgamation for application. Remember to massage the oil well on the scalp as this increases blood circulation and the chemicals are absorbed well by the hair follicles.

The leaves of the plant are believed to be equally potent towards restoration of hair loss. On procuring the leaves, you will have to grind them to prepare a paste, which in turn can be applied directly for maximum benefit. An additional use of Bhringraj needs is formulation of natural black hair dye. The leaves of this plant are used to prepare colour that is not only used for dying of hair, but is also utilised in the making of tattoos.

If your daily routine provides no space for hair applications, then you may go in for the tonic form of the herb. Bhringraj hair tonic can be consumed orally for the stimulation of hair growth.

Authenticity of this oil

The authenticity linked with this product goes back to seven decades. Scientific research conducted in the last 70 years enforces the credibility of this oil towards the rejuvenation of hair. One look at online reviews related to this product will put to rest all our doubts, inhibitions and queries. Web sites such as are flooded with positive posts of this herbal product. Despite being natural to the core, this product is strong in action. No greasy mess and no paraphernalia of preparing concoctions with home-made products to solve your hair problems. Bhringraj hair oil offers respite the simple way. Also, you do not have to be necessarily someone suffering from hair issues for experimenting with this hair oil. Anyone who desires for glorious tresses can go for this product without reservation.