How To Use Charoli Nuts For Beauty

Do you want a glowing face? Do you know charoli is also used to enhance the beauty? Remember the days when we are 5 to 10 years old or in our teenage your mom’s everyday smear Ubtan made form Besan (gram flour) or aata (wheat) on our body and hands to get bright, flawless and beautiful skin. Nowadays, everyone is so much busy in their stressful and hectic life and then, they pay no attention to the simple knowledge of what to apply and what not to smear on our delicate skin. Hence, today in this article we are telling you the benefits of charoli to improve beauty, which is mostly known as a dry fruit.

Chirongi nuts are conventionally used in the area about Hyderabad in India. Sometimes called charooli or chirolo, chirongi nuts and have no English name. This are mostly used in for Culinary purpose to make delightful dessert like shrikhand, topping for sweets, used for texture and nuttiness in kababs and kormas.

charoli nuts

Charoli are rich in Vitamin E and zinc, water, fat, protein, calcium, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, fiber, vitamin B2, and also encloses Maleic acid, cardanol, anacardic acid and water soluble abstracts. It is fully filled with fatty acid which is good for glowing skin.

Home Remedies of Charoli for Beauty:

Now, below we are given some use of charoli to enhace your beauty. They are as follows;

  • Make a paste of charoli which is soaked in water and then apply on your skin to improve skin difficulties such as prickly heats, heat rashes, itching and burning sensation of skin and many more.
  • The charoli is also very helpful to eliminate facial blemishes, dark spots and other skin matters.
  • Create a paste of Charoli ( Chiraunji ) seeds with rose water and put on above the face, this will relief in getting free of pimples.
  • First of all steep half teaspoon of Charoli ( chiraunji ) seeds in 2 tablespoon of milk, for 1 hour, then grind it into a well paste with help of Sil batta or roller pin, then spread over over face, have it for fifteen minutes then wash, to get healthy-looking skin as well as glowing skin.
  • Next, blend a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of ground almond, a teaspoon of crushed buchanania lanzan or charoli / chironji and a large pinch of saffron. Then massage this mixture over your face and neck for around 10 minutes by means of circular indications.
  • To make a paste, first of all take 50 grams of Haldi ( turmeric Manjeeshtha ( Indian Madder or Rubia cordifolia ) and chiraunji (charoli ) seeds and chore them distinctly into a well powder base. At the moment take 1 teaspoon of every component and blend 1 teaspoon of calamine powder, ½ teaspoon of honey, some drops of rose water and lemon juice. Now prepare a paste and spread over it on face, neck and arms. After certain time rinse it with warm water. Do this 2 times in a week to acquire fair skin as well as glowing and healthy- looking skin.
  • Prepare a face pack by involving together 2 teaspoons of kaolin, 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder, handful of paste-form rose petals and a teaspoon of butter (optional for delicate oily skin type). Spread on this combination all over the face and neck and let it on for 10 minutes before you wash it off. You can also enhance a slight cucumber juice to the blend, if you demand to.
  • If you want to get fair complexion as well as removes dryness then soak some seeds of charoli in milk for whole night, next morning blend it into paste, add pinch of turmeric powder and saffron in it, smear and let it dry, rinse away later 60 minutes by cold water.

Hence, these are best home remedies using charoli to get glowing and beautiful skin. I hope you find this article very helpful as well as effective Stay attractive!