How To Use Hair Straightening Cream

Straight hair is first love of girls these days. Whether it’s a teen or a middle aged woman, everyone is looking for beautiful, catchy and straight hair. Of course it’s a different thing to have naturally straight hair. But then again, not many are blessed like that so most of the rest of us have to get the hair straightened. This passion goes beyond limits even when you have curly, kinky and frizzy hair. You can opt for permanent strengthening at your hair salon but that is not only expensive but also causes permanent harm to your hair texture. So why not go for something affordable and with lesser harms. Hair strengthening creams are easily available in market and are less expensive than permanent strengthening, and still you can get straight hairs without waves. Moreover, if you go for self-help, you always have the option to change your hair style any day you want.

applying hair straightening cream

Clean And Prepare Your Hair

Before your apply hair straightening cream, your hair should be absolutely clean and tidy. This would ensure that the product works well on your hair. Once you have washed your hair properly, scrunch them with a towel and remove excess water unless it becomes damp. You surely would be left with tangles and knots and you need to remove them with the help of a bristle brush.

Apply The Straightening Cream

The next step is to apply cream to your hair. To do this, take out cream onto your palms in the size of a quarter. It’s better to start with a smaller amount of cream so that you may use it as per your convenience and requirement. On a lighter note, you can take the cream out of the tube but you can’t put it back. Spread the cream with your palm throughout your hair evenly so that it reaches every inch of your hair. Keep brushing your hair with your fingers. Start from the roots and gradually move down towards the tip on the hair. Make sure that you put minimal amount of cream near the roots so that it does not look greasy afterwards.

Section The Hair In Various Bunches

You can use three hair pins to section your hair in three different sections so that it is easier for you to work on the hair. Just place a thumb over each ear and move back creating a section between under and top layer of hair. There is no set method to sectioning your hair. Do it as per your convenience.

Use A Blower To Dry And Settle Your Hair

Since you have already applied sufficient amount of cream onto your hair and sectioned it properly, it would manage all waves and curls when you blow dry it into place. You can also use a round brush while drying to get a straighter and smoother appearance. Make sure that you work on one section at a time. For better results, remove the hair pin from the bottom layer underneath your hair at the roots and brush as slowly as possible. Keep the dryer above the brush while doing all this. When you blow dry your hair, the heat from the blower sets the hair in shape wherever applied. Therefore, you can use the combination of blower and the brush to get the desired amount of straightening and emphasize at the places where you want. You need to continue brushing and blowing to the bottom layer until the hair is completely dry on one section. Then gradually move to other sections and repeat the same process.

With every pack of cream you buy, you would surely get a set of instructions; however, it is always vital to know things in advance for better results. It is advisable to observe caution while blow drying your hair and ensure that you do not overdo it as that may possibly lead to hair damages.