How To Use Water For Makeup

There are essentially three types of makeup. One that is used daily, the other for therapeutic or medical use and one for dramatic stage use. All three categories include products for the face, items to highlight the cheekbones, eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows, articles for the lips and even make up for nails. Water is an essential solvent for use in makeup. It has several applications some of which are described below.

Water Softens Your Look

If you are using a cake based foundation it tends to give a dense and a powdery dry finish which may make your face look peculiar. Here is where a water spray can help lift the entire foundation and makeup by rejuvenating your face and giving it a natural moistened look. You can also use a water spray after each application of makeup as a fixer.

A woman spraying her face with hydrating spray

Water Can Brighten Your Eye Shadow Colour

Eye shadow applied on the eyelids is used to accentuate the eyes. At times after applying, the eye shadow tends to look dull and lifeless. If you like to sport bright and vivid colours, then don’t fret. Water can help. Just dip your eye shadow brush in some water and then use this as an applicator for your eyeshadow. Just be careful not to make the brush too wet, as you may run the risk of dripping eye shadow. Water will immediately enliven your colour making it more bold and visible.

Be Creative With Water

You can be creative in using water as well to multiply the items in your makeup kit. Perhaps you like to try on different kinds of eyeliner in a variety of colours, but a tight budget prevents you from experimenting much. Water is your best economic bet. Broken or caked eye shadow can be mixed with water in a clean container and an eye brush can be used as an applicator. And lo behold! You have a wide range of options of recycled eye shadow which can be used as coloured fluid eyeliners!

Use Water To Revive Old Flaky Liners

If water can be used to create new eyeliners, then it can also be used to thin existing eyeliners which may have dried up making it crumbly and unfit for use. Mix a few drops of pure water to your flaky eyeliner and shake the bottle well. Your liner will now be good enough to apply and you can accomplish to make even thin lines with it.

Water: Key To Maintenance And Hygiene of Your Makeup Kit

The care and maintenance of your kit is as important as its constituents. It is necessary to keep brushes clean and free of old dried makeup, dust, oil, dirt and so on. Ideally you need to decontaminate your brushes after every use. It is simple to do this. All you need is a hypo- allergic cleaning solution, especially for makeup brushes. Soap and shampoo can also be used. Dip the brushes in this solution and thereafter wash with water thoroughly. Thereafter dry completely. Make sure the brushes are placed horizontally on a towel. Do not dry them vertically in a container or stand as the excess water can run down the brush handle. You can use a hair dryer to dry them completely. This will ensure that your kit is clean and hygienic at all times.

Water As Facial Mist Keeps Face Hydrated

Water is also used with other agents such as oils or glycerine and minerals for keeping the skin hydrated. These are formulation best sold as bottled spray facial mists. You can spray it on your face once or twice a day by holding the bottle at least six inches from your face. Wait a few minutes and then dry your face with a damp tissue by patting your face rather than rubbing it. It can also be applied fist before you moisturise your skin. If you use it like this then you can apply the moisturiser without drying your face. This will keep the skin well-conditioned.


Makeup is used as a cosmetic tool to enhance a person’s features making them more attractive and increasing their self-confidence. Water is an essential part of a makeup kit and has multiple uses as seen above. It helps to put on makeup, remove it and even allows a person to be creative with it by creating new makeup.