How To Wear Blue Eye Shadow

Wearing blue eye shadow could be called thing of past but 2013 was year of blue eye shade and again in 2014 it is in trend, with many designers using blue shades on their models and several brands adding blue to their collection. You don’t really have to be a fashionista to know this; it’s just something that’s right there on the streets these days. But how to wear blue to your eyelids can be tricky so that it looks both attractive and beautiful on you. Some people opine that blue eye shadow looks scary and it has a bad reputation because it looks over the top and overdone. However, that may or may not be true for everyone (certainly not if you see the trends). They are quite fun and look amazing especially on brown eye girls. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to wear it appropriately considering the shape and color of your eyes and the attire that you are flaunting.

blue eye shadow

Lining Appropriately Is Essential

One of the most favorite ways to flaunt your icy eye is to apply neutral shadow over your lid and use a lining either on the top or bottom lash line in blue. To do this, you need to go bold on top with a thick cat eye or simply keep it office-like by doing only a thin line along the bottom lashes. Few girls use both eye liner pencil and larger than life eyeliner to keep it simple and attractive.

Light Shadow Is Universal

For starters or those who are flaunting it for the first time, blue shadow should be kept as light as possible. You could stick to pastel shade that will not over power your face and force you to feel over conscious about your new look. You can add this with as per your choice to go a little further with black eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes pop.

Avoid Prominent Shades On Lips

You may use any shades of blue and may apply any liner, but what is a strict no-no is to avoid a bright red or pink lip. You should preferably stick to a neutral lip since there could be nothing more offensive and loud than a blue eye shadow matched with a bright red or pink lip. They look good only on Barbie dolls and not on humans. Instead, you could go for something warm and light or just flaunt your favorite colorless balm and step out.

blue makeup

Opt For Electric Or Pastel

Electric isn’t really hard to pull off. You could go for either a very bright pigment or blue eyeliner. For those who want a lot of attention to their eyes, this could be a great option. Although, blue would look best in itself, but depending on your choice, you could couple it with green or even black. The pastel fresher tone would make your makeup look more modern and lesser loud, in case if you are worried about that.

Choose The Right Texture And Finish

Blue eye shades come in a variety of textures and finishes in the market. Choosing the right one could be difficult but is surely essential as well. Depending upon your choices, you could play with these textures and finishes and add twist to your blue looks. Refer to recent trends and there is lot you can discover yourself about the latest trends and combinations.

Last but not the least, few girls surely skip their upper eyelid to ensure a modern blue eye look and avoid painting both of the eyelids in blue. If that looks good on you, try that out. However, if you have any doubt, you always have the option to take that off. Moreover, you should ideally not underestimate the elegance of a navy eye for evenings. There is always a way up there to get the glam factor and tone down the smokiness.