How To Get International Scholarships For Indian Students

Not everyone has same aspiration and dreams for career and life. While aspects like financial background and family issues affect career growth in many cases, the efforts of the serious students are eventually rewarded. With time, the prospects of studying in offshore locations are opening up for students in India. With the right steps and connections, students without strong financial background may make it to the reputed foreign universities and institutions. The best option to get chance in such elite universities and pursue a course, there is through various global scholarship programs. Nowadays, Indian students can pick from a wide range of such scholarships.

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The nuances of global scholarships offered by foreign universities and institutes

As the rupee depreciates against the euro and US dollar and costs shot up at foreign universities- the institutes have also widened the scope for Indian students. Given the fact, even their native students are finding it hard to pursue choicest courses, several foreign universities have increased scholarship options. In 2013, more than 350 scholarships were launched by the UK universities and similar moves have been taken by top US colleges and institutes.

How to look for global scholarship and land the required one

Despite the plethora of international scholarships meant for Indian students, picking the right one may not be easy. The abundance can actually make selection tedious. First, you need to narrow down the ambit of options.

There are some scholarships that let you apply for courses literally in any country of the world. Then, there are global scholarships offered by specific country and their institutions. Decide, what suits your needs the best. This will help you choose the most fitting option.

Once you decide the destination country for higher study, start looking for scholarship. Needless to say, utilizing the web is the best option. There are websites where you get enough resources on such scholarship programs. The other useful option is searching the websites of your preferred universities. Of course, you can make use of social and professional networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. A friend who has already opted for such scholarships can help you a lot. Overall, you will have to do a lot of research! Not all universities offer the same type of scholarships and the amount sponsored by the entity may vary from one region to another.

Top international scholarships for Indian Students


There are several hundred Global scholarships that Indian students can avail. The top and most sought after ones are listed below:

University scholarships– Top US and UK based universities offer a huge amount of scholarship for students hailing from India. Examples include Stanford University, Princeton University, Trinity College, Yale University, Harvard University and Wesleyan University.

Corporate scholarships– It is not only the governments of various countries and educational entities who think about funding Indian students. Some of the corporate giants also offer helping hand to sponsor students from India! For example, you may opt for the scholarships offered by the Aditya Birla Group and The Reliance Foundation to pursue a dream course in universities abroad.

Research grants– These scholarships are meant for meritorious scholars who want to research in top notch foreign universities.

You need a killer application letter and portfolio

Naturally, thousands of students opt for scholarships to foreign universities and colleges and not all of them succeed. The universities will assess the skills and portfolio of the applicant before granting scholarships. So, ensure that you write an application letter with utmost care and craftsmanship. Develop a really impressive portfolio before sending out the application to the desired universities. Most importantly, you need to set a time frame for the entire process and stick to it.