How To Improve Study Skills in Middle School

All phases in a student’s life are important, but the middle school years are of paramount importance. It is the phase when students learn to develop studying skills and habits. These habits play a major role in their success in academic life. It is important that a student develops certain studying habits and styles in Middle school years that help him in the long run. These skills take time to bring the results, but their importance is undeniable.

6 Tips that you can use to develop your career in the long run:

1. Managing Time

Time Limit

As you get into middle school. Not only your subjects increase, you also need to manage time like never before! Performing so many tasks at the same time can be challenging at the beginning. However, you will need to become an ace time manager. For this simply break down your tasks and complete them at preset windows, like completing your assignments between 6 and 8 pm, study between 8 and 9 pm etc.

2. Setting Time Limit For Homework

Time Management

In Middle School, you suddenly find the amount of homework has gone up. There is no escaping the homework- you just need to finish it in time. So, use a clock or timer to wrap homework in time. You may even use a timer in mobile phone, but ensure that you do not get distracted by the people itself. Initially, you may find it hard to adhere to the time frame, but with practice, you will definitely see improvements.

3. Using To Do List

Using To Do List

To ensure you complete assignments in time and do not lag behind other students, you may create a ‘to do’ list and then adhere to it. You may write the lessons to be completed for each subject on a white paper and then paste it on the wall in front of your study table. Change it every week and mark each tasks as it is completed. This will ensure you do not skip or forget any lesson or assignment.

4. Taking Notes in Classes

Notes in Classes

While you may listen to things your teachers say, it is also important to note down important things. It is mostly required in math classes, but you may make it a habit for every subject. Teachers can talk on topics that may not be covered in detail by your textbooks eventually. You cannot memorize topics covered in all such lectures throughout the year by heart. Use color coding to mark important sections in notes.

5. Picking Up Vocabulary


Regardless of what stream you pursue in high school and later, the middle school years are ideal for developing a good vocabulary. This will help you in many ways. You may resort to many methods to increase vocabulary and grammatical skills. Using a dictionary does help, whether it is printed copy or online. Even Smartphone apps are helpful and you will find apps for Webster and Oxford dictionary nowadays.

6. Using The Web

internet surfing

While using the web may be required even before you enter Middle school, now is the time to learn using it more efficiently for referencing purposes. Use the web to find resources on various topics, fetch relevant videos, audio clips and take notes. You may even find sample question papers in a specific website for your syllabus.

While the techniques listed above may help you learn better and get higher marks in Middle school, remember that consistency and sincerity helps you develop a career in the long run. You may read aloud or silently based on which style suits you or even resort to writing to memorize better. Developing concentration for a longer period of time is also another prerequisite.