How To Study Abroad In Europe

With time, options to study in offshore locations are growing for aspiring students in India. Along with the rising number of scholarship programs, the grants and option offered by numerous institutes are also on the rise. While you may have the desire to study abroad, it is also important to choose the destination. Europe is among the top destination for students seeking higher education in foreign universities. Some of the most prestigious and famous universities belong to European countries beyond any doubt. However, the abundance can also make your choice difficult.

Reasons to opt for studying in European countries

Study Abroad In Europe

There are several reasons for which you should choose Europe as the destination for your higher studies over the USA and other areas:

  • Europe offers you a multitude of cultures and you can find a country where you find the atmosphere, cultural ambiance and lifestyle that matches your needs.
  • Typically, the cost of courses in most European colleges and universities tend to be lesser than their US counterparts. You can find some top notch universities and colleges in European countries like Poland, Austria, France, Italy, Scotland, England and Spain.
  • Apart from studying and developing your career, you will be spending time in some of the iconic travel destinations for years and savour the nuances of their culture. The counties located in Eastern and Western parts of Europe have their share of attractions.
  • The cost of travelling in European countries tends to be less owing to several schemes and discounts offered by budget airlines and travelling by train is also feasible.

Ways to get into a course in Universities in Europe

Study Abroad

You need to do a huge amount of research and then compare available options to select the right European universities and colleges where you can apply. Thankfully, European universities offer options to do courses on pretty much every stream of science and humanities.

You can opt for scholarships offered by such European universities. Apart from university scholarships, you may also opt for scholarships offered by some leading corporate entities in India like the Tata and Reliance groups.

The web, as usual, will be the most important resource for gathering information and applying for courses and scholarships in European university and colleges. You can check the websites of specific European universities to get facts on their admission process, tests and requirements. You will also find samples and previous years question papers. You should also use social media circles to find people already pursuing courses in such countries and their inputs can be of great help to you.

Choosing the right university and country in Europe

After applying and appearing for tests, chances are there you may be selected for admission in more than one university in Europe. Selecting the most apt one can be tough. Analyse the below listed factors to pick the most apt contender:

  • First of all, find out the details on course fees and scholarship options offered by the university. Not all scholarships cover most expenses along with course fee. You will need to spend after things like commuting, shopping. Sometimes, eating outside may also be a necessity and cost is a factor that creeps in.
  • Find out all possible details and pitfalls on options for pursuing further study and research when choosing a country and university in Europe. The UK based universities are ranked the highest in the continent.
  • It is better to opt for a country where the percentage of international students is the highest. Austria has a high percentage of students hailing from other countries followed by the UK. Such countries are likely to be favourable to foreign students than others.