Ask These Questions Before Choosing An Addiction Treatment

Picking an addiction treatment is the trickiest part of the rehabilitation process. You cannot predict what your stay at the rehabilitation center will bring. But you can prepare for the experience by learning more about the facilities a specific rehabilitation program offers and asking your admission specialist a set of questions.

To recover from your drug abuse disorder, you need to make an educated decision on the program you choose to guide your steps. Most drug rehab facilities have unique specializations, and some are better equipped to treat your conditions than others. For example, if you struggle with co-occurring disorders, you may want to engage in a treatment that addresses both your mental health issue and addiction.

Here is a list of questions to ask before picking the addiction treatment.


Is the center accredited and licensed?

When choosing an addiction treatment facility, the first aspect to check is whether the institution is state-licensed to treat the condition you experience. When the treatment center is accredited and licensed, it adheres to the highest care standards, and they take your rehabilitation seriously. Centers that strive for high-quality assurance certifications ask their specialists to take their jobs seriously because they want to offer their patients the best care.

You can check if the Los Angeles addiction treatment center is licensed if you run an online search because many resources provide lists of licensed and accredited drug rehab facilities.

Do you treat patients with dual diagnosis?

When you experience a co-occurring condition like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or another mental health issue and a substance use disorder, check if the facility is specialized in treating people who struggle with both diseases. The institutions that specialize in treating patients with co-occurring conditions approach the treatment holistically because they know that each patient is unique. Drug addiction treatments shouldn’t come as one size fits all because they respond to a different approach.

How long is your drug abuse program?

Multiple factors determine how long your treatment lasts. Your age, addiction severity, financial situation, ability to miss work, and personal responsibilities are only some of the factors that impact how long you can spend in a rehab facility.

Some patients can spend months in rehab, while others can only attend counseling once or twice a week.

Do you provide inpatient or outpatient programs?

Some rehabilitation facilities offer both inpatient and outpatient treatments, but some are specialized on only a form. It’s best to choose a facility that offers multiple levels of care, from outpatient therapy to intensive inpatient and drug detoxification treatment, because your needs may change in the process.

Each program is created to assist you at a different stage of the process and ensure a smooth experience.

Is the program gender specific?

Some rehab centers treat only men, others only women, and most treat all genders. You can find a facility that fits your preferences. You may feel safer in a group of your peers and may prefer to enroll in a gender-specific program.

Substance addiction is a dangerous issue and you should get help as soon as possible.