Essential Considerations When Deciding If Dental Implants Right for You

A dental implant is an option when you have lost a tooth or have an excessive amount of decay. It is worth noting that at least 90% of adults have some form of tooth decay, you are certainly not alone! Naturally, a good dentist will not remove a tooth unless there is no other option. But, if this is the case you will be left with a gap.

The problem with a gap is that it can be unsightly. As you will be aware of it the missing tooth can affect your confidence. It can also encourage your other teeth to move, potentially causing issues in the future.

That is the main reason people choose to have implants. But, if you have a reputable dentist, such as this dentist Palmyra, and you are not sure, you should consider the following.


Having a tooth implanted is not a cheap option. You will need to check with the dentist regarding how much yours will cost. Depending on the tooth and the work involved the cost can vary between $800 and $6,000.

You need to know what it is and whether your insurance will help cover it before you commit.

Know What Happens

A tooth implant is not a quick fix! In the first instance, a rotten tooth will be removed and an infection treated. Once this is resolved a titanium rod is inserted into your jaw. This is left for approximately one month, allowing the bone to fuse with the titanium. The pre-molded implant is then attached to the rod, restoring your teeth.

You should note there are three main types of implant:

  1. Endosteal

This is as described above when the titanium rod is inserted into your bone, it is the strongest option.

  1. Subperiosteal

With this type, your implant rests on your bone and a metal frame is created to sit under your gums.

  1. Zygomatic

In this instance the implant is attached to your cheekbones, avoiding surgery on your jawbone.

Speed Is Important

Although the process is not fast, getting the ball rolling should be. When you lose a tooth the jawbone where it used to sit starts to shrink. The longer you leave it the harder it will be to affix a titanium rod into your jawbone, there simply won’t be enough of it left.

Check Your Dentist

Dental implants have become commonplace and many dentists install several every day. But, you should take the time to check the experience and reputation of your chosen dentist. Ask friends and family, check social media, and look at online forums. It will help you to get an honest image of the dentist you are considering and be confident they know what they are doing.

Your Dental Health

You should note that good dental health makes it more likely your dental implant will succeed. That means brushing and flossing daily as well as quitting smoking if you smoke. Smoking seriously slows down the healing process.