Getting Rid of Yawning

A lot of people have the misconception that when you are sleepy you tend to yawn. Yawn, is actually, a signal that your brain is in need of oxygen. A shortage of oxygen in one’s brain is what makes them mouth wide open involuntarily and inhale more oxygen. Yawning also indicates a person’s tiredness or boredom. Many are also of the opinion that yawning is contagious. If you come across a person who is yawning, you are highly possible to yawn yourself too at the next moment. The action of yawning is a very common thing in all peoples’ life. Yawning becomes a matter of concern when it occurs at odd times – at wee hours of morning, during office hours, or at public places.

Causes of yawning: A lot of studies have been performed on yawning. A number of chemicals of the brain are involved in the process of yawning, but there have been no revelations on the mechanism of the action, till date.

A few possible reasons which might make a person yawn can be as followed:

  • Drawing more oxygen to the brain
  • To keep the brain cool
  • To prevent alveolar collapse
  • Tiredness
  • A way of exhibiting indifference
  • A way to equalize middle ear pressure
  • Presence of too much of carbon dioxide in the lungs

It might be too embarrassing to yawn in front of someone or in public places, and that too if you tend to yawn frequently. Here are a few ways that can help you to stop yawning at odd places:

Drink lots of water: Yawning in most cases can be because of tiredness and fatigue. To reduce fatigue a lot of water must be taken in. Rehydrating your body will remove your fatigue and thus stop the unwanted yawns.

Deep breathe in and breathe out: Too much of carbon dioxide causes one to yawn. To avoid such yawns try to inhale deeply, hold in for some time and breathe out all the air out of the lungs. This will help you from the yawns.

Try suppressing yawns: When you feel a yawn coming, keep your mouth closed. Clench your jaws and swallow the yawn that was coming. In case you cannot, just hide your mouth with your hands.

Excessive yawning can occur due to asthma or other problems of the lungs. In such instances, you are advised to see your doctor at the earliest.