Healthy Ways To Get Rid of Stress During a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be extremely traumatic for everyone involved, including your children. Therefore, it is important to utilize proven stress reducing techniques to help remove some of the emotional strain that is typically associated with the divorce process. After all, even if you were the person who filed, it is still very difficult to go through such a large emotional upheaval, and it is not easy for anyone to deal with the scrutiny of the legal aspects of determining important matters such as child custody.

With all of this in mind, you need to find stress reducers that can help you get through each day. This can be vital to a person’s overall health, emotionally and physically. The following are some healthy ways you can get rid of some of the stress in your life when going through the process of a divorce.


1. Take Time for Yourself

Many parents find themselves forced into the position of sole caregiver during the divorce, and this can make it seem impossible to go through the necessary grieving process without letting your children see everything. In order to protect them, you need to utilize a babysitter when possible so that you can have alone time to deal with your feelings and cry as needed. After all, keeping your emotions pent up can dramatically increase your levels of stress. It is also important to note that taking time out will put you in a better position to provide your children with the emotional support that they need as a result of the divorce.

2. Retain Legal Representation

Having a divorce attorney on your side will prevent you from experiencing the high levels of anxiety that accompany attempting to navigate throughout the legal process alone. Additionally, your lawyer can take steps to help ensure the welfare of yourself and your children, and they can fight for the highest possible settlement so that your financial needs will be met. Keep in mind that all of your assets and property will also need to be divided, and it is easy for people to get taken advantage of if they do not have an experienced attorney negotiating for them.

3. Develop a Regular Exercise Routine

It is natural to have a lot of anger and sadness when a relationship fails. Committing yourself to a regular exercise routine will provide you with a great outlet for these emotions, and it will also help regulate your hormonal balances so that you do not literally become sick from stress. As an added bonus, exercising will help you get into better shape, and this will have positive benefits for your self-esteem.

4. Incorporate New Foods into your Diet

Nutrition and stress have been understood to be interconnected for many years. When a person is eating a healthy and well-balanced meal plan they are far more likely to not feel the effects of stress in their life than someone who eats a poor diet. It is best to steer clear of caffeinated beverages and energy drinks during this time. Some foods to avoid are sugar, meat, butter, alcohol, and fast food, all of which can trigger stress. Instead incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, herbal products, and fish. Be sure to drink plenty of water. These are all foods that can help reduce stress levels, and promote a healthier you.

5. Explore Enjoyable New Interests

Having an enjoyable hobby has been proven to provide people with several health benefits, including lower stress levels. Therefore, you should take this opportunity to explore new interests or rekindle a hobby from the past that you did not have enough time to devote to during your marriage. This will give you something fun to look forward to, and it will also serve as the perfect distraction from sad thoughts that can elevate your stress. Additionally, you can greatly benefit from joining a group activity because socialization is a basic human need. Sometimes talking and making new friends is just the thing to successfully refocusing, and getting some needed encouragement.


Utilizing these four techniques can help you get through the worst aspects of your divorce without suffering extensively from extremely heightened levels of stress. It is important to rely on methods that are physically and emotionally healthy instead of falling down a dark path by self-medicating with alcohol. After all, developing bad habits will only accelerate your stress, but taking the time to do something positive for yourself will be beneficial your health and make it easier to be a good parent.