How And Why Your Morning Workouts Are Better Than Evening Ones

There is much said and written about being a morning person… and yes, those simple, golden benefits get a boost when you work out in the mornings. According to a recent study, the testosterones are at their high during the mornings. But since most of us are busy packing off our kids and leaving for work, we prefer to exercise during the evenings.

Working out in the morning seem dreaded for many, especially when it comes to leaving your warm blanket and dress up in those track pants and tee. That’s why we have come up with some really marvelous compelling reasons that would motivate you to schedule your workout in the morning than saving it for later.


And why not when morning exercise is not that bad as you think…

10 Compelling Reasons To Exercise In the Mornings

  1. More Energy

Your energy levels will be at their maximum during the mornings, which will help in indulging in really intense exercises. Your hormones, especially testosterones, are at your favor during mornings. So becoming a morning bee might be of help to you, especially if you want to burn away the excess fat and build some cool muscles.

  1. Eat Healthier

post workout snacks

Does exercising and eating healthy share a connection? Well, in fact, yes. Studies suggest that people who exercise in the morning have better control over their eating patterns. They are less hungry and make better and healthier food choices. Many people who are early morning exercisers suggest that this exercise regimen helps them in developing a healthy mindset.

  1. Feel Less Stressed

Exercise helps in easing stress and it is a proven fact, but morning exercise for stress? Mornings are normally calmer. Your mind would still not have got a chance to indulge in its monkey activities, which would help you focus purely on your workout. And, exercising helps in releasing those feel good hormones, which would alleviate stress and help you sail through the day in a much lighter way.

  1. Better Focus and Concentration

A bout of morning exercise enhances your focus as your energy levels are aroused. You head to work or attend your college after your morning workout. You will be fully charged, relaxed, and calm. This, in turn, helps you remain more alert, better focused, and highly concentrated.

  1. You Could Burn More Fat

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Working out during the morning hours helps in 20% more burning of fat than working out in the evenings. And, that too when you work out on an empty stomach within 90 minutes of waking up! So, just don’t wait till you get a break in office or till the sun starts setting. Give your metabolism a perk and refuel your fat burning mechanism for a toned, chiseled body with a super energetic morning workout.

  1. You Can Indulge in a More Intense Workout

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If you love intense workouts, then morning is the time. Even though studies suggest that protein synthesis maximizes during evening, better fat burning happens during morning. Plus, you will have better energy levels during the morning which would help you in indulging in really, high intense workouts.

  1. You Can Give Your Metabolism a Big Boost

Burn more calories in the morning and then throughout the day by giving your metabolism a super fabulous kick off with a high intensity morning workout! This, in turns, sets the stage for a more active you at work and home!

  1. You Will be Working out More Consistently!


Studies suggest that people who workout in the mornings are more regular and consistent than those who workout during the evenings. So, if your New Year resolution is to exercise regularly, stick to a morning workout!

  1. Your Health Markers Get a Healthy Revamp!

If you want to keep your blood pressure and heart rate under control while thwarting off the risk of other crucial health issues, morning exercises could be your pick. Studies suggest that the hormones are balanced, thus keeping you safe and gifting you a longer life.

  1. Sleep


Sleep and exercise share a very close relationship. The better you exercise, the better your sleep will be and vice versa. According to various sleep experts, working out in the morning helps in slowing down at the night in a better and quicker way. Plus, morning exercising helps in lowering the levels of blood pressure, thereby promoting better sleep at night.

Exercising in the morning also helps in managing the levels of leptin and ghrelin, two hormones that could be the culprits behind your excess weight. When you are deprived of adequate sleep, these hormones stimulate your appetite, promoting unwanted hunger pangs. A good morning workout also lowers the levels of cortisol, thus easing stress and helping you sleep better!

But does the time of exercising really matter? Well, while morning exercises come with its own set of benefits, it is not really beneficially for all. It is your body and you have to take a call. The ideal time for exercising varies with individuals. The key is to find the time when your energy levels are optimum and when you could maintain your consistency!

So start exercising right away to reap its benefits!