How Are Fennel Seeds Good For You

A flavoured and aromatic herb, Fennel is used both for medicinal and culinary needs in various parts of the world. Green in hue, fennel belongs to the parsley family. They can be used in various types of cuisines and many people use them as mouth fresheners. Fennel seeds contain a number of nutrients and they are also replete with phytonutrients. You can use them in a number of ways- on salads, on top of breads and chew them after meals. Dried fennel seeds are cooked easily.

Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds can offer you a number of health benefits. They are available all over the year and cost a little.

Fennel Seeds

  • Breath Freshener – If you feel breath has become stale and you are about to go out, do not chew the mouth freshener tablets. Fennel seeds can act as natural mouth fresheners. It is especially helpful when you eat a heavy meal, cooked with garlic and onion based dishes. Fennel has proven antimicrobial properties that treat bad breath and soothe gums. Lukewarm fennel tea can be used for gargling.
  • Improved Digestion – If you face digestive problems so often, do not rush for the OTC acidity pills or syrups. Fennel seeds can serve as a natural and nice digestive agent. It also helps with issues like irritable bowel and heartburn. Chewing the seeds after heavy meal can aid digestion.
  • Water Retention Relief – Water retention in the body can lead to obesity and other health problems. While you may hit the gym for this, trying fennel seeds can also aid. It helps flush out fluids from the body. Fennel can also help toxin elimination from the body.
  • Fighting Excess Flab – Obesity is a major health problem nowadays and you can try a lot of things to combat it. However, along with dietary changes and exercise regime, you may also use fennel seeds to shed off excess flab from the body. Fennel can help suppress appetite and boost metabolism.
  • Menstrual Problems Relief – Factors like poor diet and stress can affect regular menstrual cycle in a woman’s body. Using fennel seeds can help iron out menstrual issues. It can also be helpful for fighting menopausal disorders.
  • Respiratory Issues – Fennel seeds have expectorant properties that can help cure respiratory tract infections that are linked with sinus congestion and coughs. Drinking warm fennel tea can be helpful when you are suffering from sore throat and cough.
  • Fighting Cardiac Ailments And Blood Pressure – Eating fennel seeds can be helpful when you want to reduce heart attack risk. It contains potassium that can aid in lowering high blood pressure. Raw fennel seeds help combat cholesterol buildup. Its vitamin C helps thwart heart disease onset.
  • Good For Eye Health – Recent studies have indicated usage of fennel seeds can be good for your vision. It helps diminish eye pressure. It may be used to treat glaucoma.
  • Thwarting Dementia And Related Syndromes – Eating fennel seeds can be helpful for those elderly people who are suffering from a decline in cognitive functioning. They tend to forget things and dementia sets in a lot of them with age. Fennel seeds can be used to delay onset of memory loss and related issues in them. Fennel juice usage can enhance oxygen supply to the brain, as it has been seen.

Precautions While Taking Fennel Seeds

While eating fennel seeds can be good for overall health and their usage makes dishes tastier, you have to think of some precautions too. When used in small amounts, they pose no risk. However, in certain situations their continued use can lead to problems and you should be aware of these.

  • Allergic Reactions – Some people may be allergic to fennel seeds though it is not much heard of. Swelling of lips and breathing issues can take place.
  • Interactions With Medications – Using fennel seeds can be harmful when you take certain types of drugs. They include seizure medications and antibiotics. Pregnant women should be careful about taking fennel too. You may take fennel seeds much after taking medications to reduce risk of side effects. You may also talk with doctor before taking fennel seeds while using such medications to be on the safe side.