How Aspartame Wreaks Havoc On Your Health

For decades people who wanted to avoid sugar due to medical or health reasons have resorted to aspartame for the sweetening needs. Most of the diet beverages available in the market contain the zero-calorie artificial sweetener called aspartame. Yes, THAT’S the magic right there! For years people believed that aspartame offers no health risks and they can use it liberally. Even today people continue to use it generously without realizing that it has some serious side health effects. It is the marketing and brainwashing that leads people to believe that a harmful substance such as aspartame is indeed good for health. Hardly do they know that it can wreak havoc on the health. Many people who directly get benefited from people’s consumption of this substance argue that it does not have any bad effects on health. However, studies have proven otherwise. If you are using aspartame excessively, here is how it can affect your health.

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Bad Effects On People With Diabetes

A lot of people think that it is okay to consume aspartame even if you have diabetes. This is the reason why diabetic people continue to drink diet soda generously. However, they do not know that they are running a great risk by doing that. Too much consumption of aspartame can increase the sugar level in your body. It may not directly add sugar to your blood but if you are using medicines to control sugar, it may render them less effective.

Mental Imbalance

This is another fact about aspartame that people are not aware of. If you are consuming excess of aspartame you may become victim to certain mental disorders. It was observed that people who resorted to aspartame for sweetening purposes showed changes in their emotional behaviors. It may also lead to depression. People who are already depressed can aggravate their condition due to the excessive usage of aspartame.

Not Good For People Who Are On Weight Loss Regime

If you are on a diet regime and still not losing weight, chances are you are consuming too much of aspartame. Drinking diet soda thinking that it is not affecting weight gain is a fad. Diet soda contains aspartame which has been proven to increase the appetite. Excess consumption of aspartame leads to more hunger which in turn leads to overeating. Since aspartame consumption also affects your brain, it takes longer for your stomach to send the message to your brain that it is full. Due to this you again end up overeating. This is the reason why weight loss process does not work for people consuming aspartame.

It Has Serious Effects On Brain

Consumption of aspartame can also affect your brain function. Studies have shown that aspartame interferes with the normal functioning of the brain. It also affects the nervous system. It can lead to problems such as memory loss. In the extreme cases, it can also cause epilepsy problems even if you never had one.

Aspartame Can Also Cause Vision Problems

When aspartame is broken down during digestion it releases methanol. It is a well known fact that methanol affects the retina and also affects the optic nerves. Due to this people consuming aspartame run the risk of developing vision problems. In fact, pilots are advised not to drink beverages containing aspartame as it might affect their vision.

It Can Cause Cancer In Some Cases

Many studies have shown that consumption of aspartame can also cause cancer. Aspartame produces toxins like methanol and formaldehyde. These substances can result in cancer. There is another substance which is created when the aspartame breaks down during digestion. This substance is called diketopiperazine or DKP. It is a proven fact that DKP can cause to brain tumor.

Risks To Children

Aspartame breaks down into excitotoxins which is known to have adverse effect on brain. There is a protective enzyme on our brain which prevents it from the toxins. This protective enzyme is not fully developed in a child’s brain and therefore it is not able to detoxify excitotoxins effectively. Therefore, children consuming high level of aspartame run the risk of underdevelopment of brain. Our brain develops the most during childhood. Therefore, it is extremely important that young children do not consume aspartame at all.

Consumption of aspartame by pregnant women could also cause birth defects. Excess consumption of aspartame can cause damage to the brain of the unborn child. The immature brain of the unborn child is more prone to getting affected by the toxins released by aspartame. There are no official statements advising pregnant women to stay away from aspartame. However, to make sure that your unborn kid remains safe, a pregnant woman should avoid aspartame consumption.

The harmful effects of aspartame consumption are still debated. There are companies who have vested interest in people’s consumption of this substance.