How Body Stress Means More Than Weight Gain

Stress – it is a culprit for a wide assortment of health conditions, including obesity, cardiovascular issues, memory issues, and what not. Countless studies have been conducted depicting the fact that chronic stress leads to weight gain, and that too in numerous ways. One of crucial aspects is the release of cortisol, the stress hormone that has been held responsible for abdominal obesity, especially in women.

It is now time we look at the way stress contributes to weight gain, understand the same, and combat it. Delve deep into this write-up to know about these factors in detail.

Reduce Stress At Work

Stress And Weight Gain – An Eagle’s Eye View

  1. Hampers with your metabolism.

Do you have a tendency to gain weight when you are stressed out, despite the fact that you are eating the same or even lesser quantity of food? If your answer is yes, then it is time to understand that cortisol is dancing around violently. This stress hormone slows down the metabolism rate, enabling weight gain.

Solution: Keep your metabolism up by exercising.

  1. Your hunger cravings will spiral up!

This is yet another major impact of stress on you. Many a time, when you are under the siege of chronic stress, you reach out for salty, sugar, and fatty food items that actually look pacifying to you. Fact – you are filling up yourself with extra calories that are not healthy for you. The more the intake of junk calories, the higher the chances of you gaining weight.

Solution: Do not yield to the cravings triggered by stress.

  1. An increased blood sugar level!

Chronic stress triggers a massive alteration in the sugar level in blood. This paves way for fatigue, hypoglycemia, and mood swings. This, in turn, prevents you from eating at regular intervals. Your hunger pangs will slowly engulf you, forcing you to binge on whatever you come across, forgetting the portion sizes and the content of your meal. The result – you gain weight.

Solution: Eat healthily at regular intervals to maintain blood sugar levels.

  1. Promotes storage of fat!

The higher the levels of stress are, the more the fat stored in your body is. And, what is more intriguing is that your stress levels even determine the location of fat stored. The target quite often is your abdominal region. An increased waistline is no good for your health.

Solution: Meditate and relax to ease stress.

  1. Depression induced poor exercise levels!

Prolonged stress is one of the major triggers for depression. When you are depressed, you naturally lose out the tendency to exercise on a regular level. And, a sedentary lifestyle paves way naturally for unwanted gain, especially if you have unhealthy eating habits.

Solution: Ease your depression with meditation and start exercising.

Top 10 Ways To Beat Stress

Increase your well-being and happiness by trying these 10 effective stress beating tips.

  1. Cut down on your coffee.
  2. Let go off the triggers of stress.
  3. Never skip your meals.
  4. Eat meals at regular intervals.
  5. Practice conscious breathing.
  6. Do yoga.
  7. Try herbs such as chamomile and lavender to alleviate stress.
  8. Talk to your friends.
  9. Go for a good massage.
  10. Exercise regularly.
  11. Take a break from your routine.
  12. Unwind yourself.
  13. Spend some me time.
  14. Seek professional help if you are under chronic stress.

The dangers of stress goes much beyond than just weight gain. You are at an increased risk of developing stroke, heart diseases, and various such grave health issues. You will also risk your professional and personal lives too. So try these tips to combat stress and prevent your weight gain!