How Consuming Activia Yogurt Benefits During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage that happens in a woman’s life. It is very essential to provide necessary nutrients to ensure that all the requirements of the tiny speck of life that is growing within her are adequately met. From calcium to iron and protein to carbohydrate, fats to assorted vitamins, every nutrient should be consumed in the right manner to prevent unwanted complications. That is why women are advised to eat healthily while pregnant.
So, where will Activia fit in the whole scenario? Before understanding the benefits of Activia for pregnant women, read on to know what is Activia.

Activia Yogurt Benefits During Pregnancy

What is Activia?

Activia, from Dannon, is a line of delicious smoothies and yogurts that are known to be rich in Bifidus Regularis®. The Bifidobacterium lactis is a probiotic culture that plays a vital role in regulating the functioning of the digestive system. Each serving of this Dannon yogurt is packed with millions of this probiotic culture that enhances the functioning of your digestive system and maintains its health.

Dannon Activia is available in a wide range of sizes and flavors, including Greek, Greek Light, Fiber, and Light.

How Exactly Does Activia Help In Improving The Digestive System?

Activia, as mentioned above, contains a generous dose of the Bifidobacterium culture. According to various studies, this specific probiotic culture has ingredients beneficial for the digestive system. Various researches conducted on the goodness of this yogurt range suggest that inclusion of Activia as a part of healthy lifestyle could help in maintaining and improving the functioning of the digestive system.

Who All Can Eat Activia?

Activia is safe to be relished by anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy gut. This is one of the key reasons why it is safe for pregnant women. However, since this probiotic culture is a dairy product, it is advisable for pregnant women to stay away from consuming the same, if she has a history of milk allergies.

Benefits of Eating Activia During Pregnancy

1. Better Digestive System

The healthy flora of the gut is quite often affected due to the intake of junk food. And, when a woman is pregnant, maintaining the health of the digestive system is essential to avoid heartburns, constipation, and other such tummy related upsets. Armed with a magnificent dose of probiotics, Activia helps in maintaining the health of these healthy gut bacteria. It stimulates the production of healthy bacteria. At the same time, the harmful microbes are eliminated from the gut, thus averting the risk of stomach infections, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. The presence of probiotic also helps in the proper breaking down of food consumed, thereby lowering the chances of intestinal inflammations.

2. Help In Meeting Calcium Requirements

Activia is prepared from good quality milk that has considerable levels of calcium. Calcium is essential to ensure that bones and teeth are functioning the right way. During pregnancy, intake of adequate levels of calcium is essential to prevent general weakness and to ensure proper fetal growth and development.

3. Shields The Pregnant Women From Bacterial Infections

Pregnant women, quite often, develop a Bacterial vaginosis, a condition that could cause undesirable complications during pregnancy. While there are no symptoms of Bacterial vaginosis, studies suggest that this infection could be one of the most common reasons for pre-term labor, adenomyosis, and endometriosis. According to various studies, regular inclusion of a probiotic rich food in the diet during pregnancy could help in lowering the risk of developing such conditions.

4. For Better Immunity Levels For Mother And The Baby

Probiotics, according to studies, could help in improving the overall health by boosting the immunity power. According to a particular research, pregnant women who consume Activia had lower chances of seasonal allergies as against the non-consumers. The infants whose mothers consumed the probiotic showed a 30 percent reduction in childhood eczema.

5. Help In Preventing Obesity

According to a study conducted by the Stanford University researchers in 2006, probiotics play a major role in lowering the chances of obesity while pregnant. It provides the women with adequate doses of healthy proteins that are low in fat and fiber that could probably ensure a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

In short, Activia is good for pregnant women when included as a part of a healthy diet. Opt for the unsweetened variant that is low in fat and offers a good dose of fibers. If you have a sweet tooth during pregnancy, add freshly sliced fruits and a little honey to sweeten your Activia.