How Consuming Alcohol Affects You Post-Workout

Okay let me put this out first – some of you are going to hurt reading this. I know I’m hurting right now. After working out hard for two hours in the gym, what is the next thing you need? While many will say that you need to have a healthy and hearty meal with lots of proteins, or an energy drink or perhaps a few chicken wings, but there are some who will tell you that you can gulp down a few glasses of chilled beer too. However, tempting having a beer after workout may sound, it does not help the fitness cause for which you sweat your body out for hours. It is not a good idea to consume alcohol right after the workout. Your body needs to relax after exercise and it requires protein and other nutrients. Alcohol does not provide any of it. In fact, you may never get the results you want if you are used to consuming alcohol right after the workout.

You Need To Hydrate Your Body After The Exercise

You sweat a lot during the workout session and this means there is immense loss of water. You lose all the water that your muscles need for building up. Therefore, right after the workout you are advised to drink a lot of water to


make up for the loss. However fluid a glass of beer may look like, alcohol does not hydrate your body. In fact, the constituents of alcohol use up the water in your body leaving you more dehydrated. It is not difficult to figure this out. When you drink up a lot you end up with a bad hangover. The hangover is largely the result of dehydration because alcohol uses up great deal of water in your body. Therefore, if you have drunk too much, you are advised to drink lots of water. If you do so, you will know that your hangover isn’t that bad.

Since you need to hydrate your body after workout, therefore, you should not consume alcohol at all. You should instead drink lots of water.

What About The Extra Calories?

One of the reasons why you toil at the gym is because you want to have a healthy and fit body. A lot of people may not know this but alcohol is not devoid of calories. In fact, it has more calories than you could have ever thought of. Especially the people who are addicted to beer tend to gain more calories in the shortest period of time.

While working out at the gym you burn lots of calories. However, if you drink alcohol right after working out, you are gaining more calories than what you lost. Losing and gaining in quick succession may also confuse your brain and then your body may not know how to react to it. Those who drink alcohol post workout may see unexpected results. While some may not get impacted at all, some may get affected badly.

Exercise Detoxifies Your Body But Alcohol Does Not

Do you know that when you are working out you are also detoxifying your body? There are two ways your body gets detoxified. While working out you perspire and a lot of toxins from your body are released this way. Therefore, the harder you sweat the better you get detoxified. Apart from this, when you are working out, you get a diet plan. Most of the diet plans recommend drinking lots of water. When you drink lots of water you also urinate more. When you urinate more, you are releasing more toxins from the body.

So how does alcohol impact detoxification? Alcohol in itself is a toxin. While you are working hard to remove toxins from your body, consuming alcohol post workout is adding it. Therefore, the positive results of working out are getting neutralized by the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol does not only affect when you consume it right after working out. It also affects when you consume it after some time. For instance, working out in the morning and consuming alcohol by the night does affect you negatively. Moreover, if you drink too much in the night, the next day you will feel less enthusiastic about working out.