How Crying Is Good For Your Health

You do not have to withhold your tears and hesitate to cry. Wondering why? The studies have proven that there is nothing better than crying that will make you feel better. Yes, crying is, indeed, cathartic. According to Dr. According to research conducted on crying, it was suggested that more than 70% of men and 80% of women felt lesser bouts of sadness and angriness after they cried. While men on an average cry for seven times a year, the rate is quite higher in women. Studies reveal that an average woman cries for

According to Dr. William H. Frey II, Ph.D., who conducted a research on crying for over 15 years, crying can help in lowering the emotional stress that quite often goes unnoticed. The unchecked emotional stress, in turn, paves the way for various grave health issues, including cardiovascular conditions.


Top 8 Reasons Why Crying Is Good For Your Health.

1. Help In Alleviating Stress

Tears work akin to perspiration. When you cry, the tears help in removal of certain chemicals such as the endorphins, prolactin and leucine-enkephalin. These chemicals are quite often stored by the human body when under intense stress. Giving away the tears is known to lower the stress levels, and thus lower the risk of diseases such as peptic ulcers and hypertension.

2. Help To Lower The Levels of Blood Pressure

According to various researches conducted on the benefits of crying, it was noticed that crying bouts helped in lowering the pulse rate and regulate the levels of blood pressure.

3. Help In Removing Toxins

Studies conducted on crying suggest that they could help in eliminating the toxins from the human body, thereby improving your immunity power.

4. Help In Lowering The Levels of Manganese

An overdose of manganese could trigger multiple negative conditions such as fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, aggression, irritability, mood swings, and all such feelings. Crying, according to studies, helps in lowering the levels of manganese to a great extent. The levels of this mineral in tears are roughly 30 times more than that in the blood. So, the longer you cry, the lesser your negative emotions will be.

5. For A Clearer Vision

Tears do help use to see with more clarity. Along with lubricating the eyelids and eyeballs, tears ensure that the mucous membranes retain the necessary levels of hydration. Without tears, your eyes are bound to get dehydrated. And, the higher the levels of dehydration is, the higher the risk of a person losing his vision is.

6. Have Anti-Bacterial Properties

Tears are body’s innate antiviral and antibacterial mechanisms to keep the germs away. Lysozyme present in tears has the potential to kill the germs and eliminate about 95% of the bacteria under 10 minutes.

7. Crying Lets Go of Anger

Anger is one of the most worrisome negative emotions we all try to show in some or the other form. Crying, according to studies, is the best way to display your anger as it soothes your body and mind alike. It also helps you forgive and forget the incident and move on to a better future.

8. Helps To Ease Pain

Crying is known to help in alleviating the aches and agony your experience after an excruciating incident. The stress and strain that the body develops due to physical injuries melt away, putting you at ease.

It is okay to cry. Or rather, it is good to shed some tears. So, the next time you feel like crying, just go ahead and enjoy a good crying bout.