How Do I Know When I’m Ovulating?

At the pace that the world moves today, it is strange to realize at times that how little we know about our own body. Ovulation is the time of the month when the eggs are released from the body of a woman through her ovary during her menstrual cycle. It is during the time of the ovulation when the chances of conceiving are the highest. Time of ovulation is the best time to try for pregnancy as the male sperms will immediately find the female eggs. However, there ovulation occurs only for a short time and once in a month. So if you are looking to conceive you will need to know exactly when the ovulation is happening. The unprotected intercourse at this time will ensure that you conceive (given that there are no other medical conditions or infertility.) If you do have sex a few days before the ovulation you may still have the chances of conceiving because the sperms do not die for a few days. However, as already stated, the highest chances are during ovulation and that is why you should know when you are ovulating.

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Pain In The Lower Body During The Monthly Cycle

One of the best ways to know when you are ovulating is to keep a close look on your body all the time (especially during the menstrual cycle). The ovulation will send signals in many ways. First of all there will be some pain in the body around the lower abdomen. The pain will increase suddenly and then alleviate almost within a minute. If you are experiencing such a pain at different intervals during the menstrual cycle the high chances are that you are ovulating. If you are able to identify the pain as a result of ovulation you will be able to have the timely conception.

There Are Tools To Find Out Whether You Are Ovulating

If you are not good at decoding the messages sent by your body but you want to conceive definitely at the time of next ovulation then there is a sure shot way to know whether you are ovulating or not. There is a tool called ovulation predictor which can tell you whether you are about to ovulate or not. This tool will tell you hours in advance whether you are going to ovulate. You just need to do is drop a few drops of your urine on the predictor.

How does ovulation predictor work? The functioning of this tool is pretty simple. There is a hormone in your body which is called LH (or luteinizing hormone) which is at its highest level a little before ovulation. The predictor kit tells you the level of the LH hormone. When you drop urine on the tool it will give you the LH level. If the LH level is high it will mean that you are about to ovulate within 24 to 48 hours. This is the time when you can increase your unprotected sexual activity. There are many other tests which are cheaper than this predictor but they are not as accurate. If you want to be absolutely certain about ovulation, go for the ovulation predictor kit.

Your Cervix Can Tell Whether You Are About To Ovulate

When ovulation happens many physical changes happen inside your body especially around the uterus and vaginal area. Your body has its own way of making itself ready for the biological processes. During the time of the ovulation there are changes to your cervix too. Cervix is a tract that connects your vagina to the uterus. Normally the cervix is closed and there is no passage. However, at the time of ovulation it opens up a bit. Since there is a physical change in your body you can feel it. However, if you did not observe it the other way is to reach out to it using your fingers.

Keep A Track of Your Menstrual Cycle

Another way to get the fair idea when you are going to ovulate is by keeping a record of your menstrual cycle. Usually it should happen within less than a month but it may vary depending upon several external factors. Knowing when you are about to have your periods may help a lot.