How Do You Manage Holiday Stress?

Holidays are meant to relieve your stress. Holidays and vacations are expected to be stress-breakers, but then do they transform into stress-makers? Well, these wonderful breaks turn into nightmares are most of us have the tendency to go off our track. We forget to eat right; we forget to exercise. The only thing we do is to take rest and eat well. While we may not regret it at that time, by the time holidays come to an end, you would find yourself hanging to that thin string of rope called as stress which could actually push you down into that deep hole called depression.

But you can now put your worries about holiday stress at rest as there are some tips you could follow to manage this situation. So, are you ready for the journey?

1. Stick To Your Waking Up Time!

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It is okay to wake up at 6 am as usual even when you are on a holiday. You do not have to sleep longer. When you wake up, you will find yourself having ample time for your “me” time. Spend time with yourself. Prepare a cup of coffee or tea and sip it as you listen to the nature waking up. It is a lovely experience and staying close to the nature is one of the best ways to de-stress.

2. Get Your Food Right!

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While holidays are meant for indulgence, do it judiciously so that you won’t have to regret later. You can still go for your favorite piece of cake, but just cut down the size. Opt to eat more fruits and veggies this holiday seasons. Fruits soothe your sweet cravings while offering your adequate fiber to prevent you from overeating.

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3. Say Yes To Exercising!


With shopping, parties, and celebrations in full swing, you would easily find some excuse to forgo your exercise regimen. But wait! You could still squeeze in a 15-minute walk in between this hectic schedule. A few crunches, 25 sit-ups, 15 jumping jacks – they all need just a couple of minutes. Twist your workout design to meet your holiday requirements, but never skip exercising. It boosts your motivation levels, help you stay fit, and busts you stress.

4. Meditate!


Studies have proven the positive impacts of meditation on calming an anxious brain. When you are nervous, you are bound to reach out for food as a comforting choice. But when you meditate, your nerves calm down. And, when you are de-stressed, you would find yourself making healthier choices. You could use guided meditation techniques that have been exclusively designed to manage holiday stress. Just plug in your earphones and use your mornings to charge you up.

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5. Spend Judiciously!

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Holidays and expenditure share a very close relationship. Even if its festivities or you are going for an adventure trip, you spend countless days and time picking up new dresses, handbags, and accessories. People do this in an attempt to put their stress at rest. But that is not the right way. Spend it right. You might have to do certain inevitable shopping trips. So cut down your expenses. Make your shopping list well in advance so that you are not coming under financial stress later.

6. Stop Worrying!


You can put your worries about rest. Just allow yourself to view the holiday as a safe and enjoyable experience. Keep visualizing about how smooth and happy you would be during this break.

There is no thumb rule that works for all. What would you do to manage holiday stress?