How Does Ayurveda Boost Digestion

Mindful eating – that is what Ayurveda says. Mindful eating can be split in this way:

  1. The right food
  2. At the right time
  3. In the right way

Once you get these basic principles of Ayurvedic eating right, then you will find your digestion gets a natural boost. Here is a sneak peek of how you can boost your digestive fire the Ayurvedic way.

The 7 Ayurvedic Principles To Boost Digestion

1. Eat Only If You Are Hungry

You have also been mentally conditioned not to deny food offered, irrespective of your state of hungriness. When the stomach is actually empty, only then the digestive enzymes possess the potential to break the food thoroughly. Eating every two hours will help in actually understanding when you are hungry and thus boost your digestion. This will also help in cutting down the portion sizes.


2. Do Not Be In A Rush To Finish Your Food

Even if you are on the go, make sure that you are not gulping down your food. Sit down in a calm place, take each bite slowly, chew completely, and then swallow instead of just washing the piece down your throat.

3. Relish Your Meal With All Your Senses

Use all your five sense organs to relish the food – eyes to experience the color, fingers to feel the texture, teeth and tongue to feel the taste, nose to feel the aroma, while the ears accustom to the silence prevailing around you.

4. Sip Water

Water is an essential digestive aid. Do not just gulp down a glass of water because your throat turns dry. Relish each sip. Swirl each sip of water in your mouth before allowing it to pass it down through your throat. According to Ayurveda, sipping water on empty stomach as well as half an hour before your meals is known to boost the gastric juice secretion and digestion. However, do not drink water in between your meals. The reason – water fills up the space and makes you feel full, which, in reality might leave you at the mercy of overeating later.

5. Spice Up Your Food

There are countless spices, as per Ayurvedic texts, that aid in improving digestion. You all might be using these, but not the right way. Ginger, long pepper, black pepper, cumin seeds, rock salt, turmeric, asafetida, coriander, jaggery, fennel seeds – these are some of the most popular digestive boosting spices. Sprinkle black pepper and cumin seeds powder atop every meal of yours just as you begin to start eating. This ensures that your digestion is on track.

6. Sip Herbal Tea After Meals

A cup of peppermint, ginger, or black pepper tea can help in easing digestive issues and boosting the agni. Make sure you are sipping the tea and not drinking the same as sipping boosts the digestive process while drinking slows it down. A good tea would be an infusion made from freshly crushed ginger, black pepper, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds and sweetened mildly with jaggery or honey. Sip when the tea is warm.

7. Relax After Your Meals

“Do not just sit after you eat your food; walk, walking is good after eating”! Walking is definitely good for your health, but not immediately after eating. Contrary to the above mentioned statement, walking immediately after the meals slows down digestion as blood flow is diverted to the limbs and not to the digestive process. So, give yourself a 15 minute break before you start walking. Also, do not just jump into your bed, even if you are tired, as it hampers with digestion. Eat at least 2 hours before your sleep time as it will ensure that your digestion process has already kicked off, without interrupting your sleep.

8. Eat Light And Warm

Keep your dinner the lightest and smallest meal of the day. The metabolism starts slowing down as the sun starts setting. Hence it is advisable to keep the meals light. Stay away from fruits, deep fried foods, and other such rich and starchy foods during dinner. Your aerated and cold drinks should also be included in your not to eat foods list.

9. Do Yoga

Ayurveda and yoga share a very intimate relationship. While all fitness forms do good in stimulating and boosting digestion, yoga, perhaps is the best. Sit in Vajrasana for 20 minutes after your meals to boost your digestion.

Embrace these Ayurvedic principles of eating right away and boost your digestion!