How Does Brown Rice Benefit Your Health

Most of us are fond of white rice because it is more popular. While most of the people think that white rice is tastier, the people who regularly use the brown rice find it better. Now if you happen to be a white rice loyalist your might be quick to quip, “well, taste is a matter of personal choice.” Most certainly it is, but health is not. What’s the point here? Sure, coming right to it. You may perhaps like white rice more but you cannot ignore the fact that brown rice has its own health benefits. Eating more of brown rice and less of white rice will make you healthier. If you are looking for nutrition and health then start considering brown rice as an alternative. But if you are only looking at the taste and flavor then perhaps you can continue eating the white rice.

brown rice

What Exactly Is Brown Rice?

Most of us think that brown rice is a different type of rice together and it is grown in a different manner. But this is not the case. Brown rice is no different than the white rice. In fact, every type of white rice is a brown rice before it is processed and refined. When the rice is taken out from the field it is brown in color because of the husk covering over it. To convert it into white rice, the grain husk is separated from the grain and thus you get the white rice. However, when you keep the rice as it is without separating the husk you get the brown rice.

Brown Rice Is Easier To Cook

If you are looking at the cooking in terms of saving the energy bills then definitely brown rice is better than its white counterpart. Because of the bran covering, the brown rice cooks much faster than the white rice. Since the cooking time is less you can save ample amount of energy and fuel. This way you can save some money too. The energy saving may not be quite significant but the health benefits are.

What Does The Brown Rice Retain?

Since the brown rice is not refined, therefore it does retain some nutrients which are found in the bran. The most basic thing that you can figure out yourself is that brown rice contains lots of fiber. Fiber does not only improve your digestive system but it also makes your heart healthier and stronger. Fibrous food is recommended by all the doctors all over the world. If you are working out regularly then your gym instructor will suggest you to stop eating the white rice and start eating the brown rice. Even if you are trying to lose weight the brown rice is a much better option.

Brown Rice Contains Good Level of Manganese

Perhaps you may not know yet that Manganese is something which is highly recommended by the doctors to the patients suffering from neurological disorders. Manganese helps in improving the nervous system of the body. Therefore, it is very important to have the proper dosage of manganese through our food. Unfortunately, the kind of food that we eat does not always contain enough manganese. On the other hand, brown rice has lots of manganese and even one proper meal of it can fulfill all the requirements. Apart from the nervous system, manganese also helps in improving the reproductive system.

Are You Looking For Weight Loss?

There are two ways the brown rice helps in weight loss. Those who eat brown rice feel fuller much earlier as compared to those who eat white rice. If you will feel fuller quicker, you will eat less. If you will eat less (and still get all the nutrients) you will not gain weight. Secondly, brown rice contains lots of fiber which helps in the improvement of the digestive system. What you eat and what comes out of you as a waste plays a very important role in improving your overall health and also in weight loss.

It Has Anti-Oxidant Properties

Not a lot of people will know that brown rice is also rich in anti-oxidants. It is a known fact that anti-oxidants help heart stay healthier and they also help fight ageing.