How Does DDP Yoga Work

DDP Yoga is a recent phenomenon that gained much popularity after the Youtube video of Arthur Boorman, a former paratrooper, went live. He was a bulky fellow, of course obese, and was struggling to even stand on his feet. However, his stint with DDP Yoga changed his life. All these days there has been rumors of yoga being inadequate for weight loss and toning? This is in fact an eye opener for all those believed in that yoga myth. Let us take a look what DDP yoga is all about and a few basic concepts of this phenomenal exercise form.

What is DDP Yoga?

DDP is the acronym for Diamond Dallas Page, a WWF champion turned yoga teacher. He had sustained a bad back injury and was seeking for fitness form which would ease his injury and strengthen him, internally and externally. His quest came to an end when his wife advised him to try yoga. He started practicing yoga as was really happy and mesmerized with the way yoga along with therapeutic back exercises healed him.

DDP Yoga

He slowly started adding push-ups and crunches to his routine. The heart rate monitor he was wearing enabled him to understand that he was using his muscles in a very strong way that pepped up the heart rate and this marked the beginning of the journey called DDP Yoga.

It was initially christened Yoga for Regular Guys by Page with the intention of alluring men towards this fitness form, generally disliked by macho men. It was designed exclusively for men who felt that yoga lacks a macho appeal. That is how Warrior I became road warrior and child’s pose became safety zone. Page is very clear about what he is offering – this is a yoga that has been designed only for physical benefits. And, his target is to introduced yoga to those who feel like “fish out of water” in the world of yoga.

What is so special about DDP Yoga?

It is not your Hatha Yoga; it is not even power yoga. It is an entirely different type that is based on what Page refers to as Dynamic Resistance. Under this technique, you use self resistance. The moves will be similar to using weights, but without actual weights. It is like you walk through a muddy land, in a very disciplined and controlled way.
Let us say, you are doing Tadasana. When using this technique, you engage your muscles in a deeper way, enabling better use of muscles. The heart rate spirals up; the heart rate monitor you use for DDP enables better fat burning also. You can customize the program to meet your requirements and enjoy it to get better results.

The Diet Matters

Diet plays a quintessential role in the DDP Yoga. There is a 3 step diet plan that one needs to follow when you practice this yoga routine. People who want better fat loss are quite often advised to shed dairy and gluten from their diet and stick on to organic diet. There is a guide available that offers you a personalized yoga workout plan and an active online support, enabling you to continue your journey in a better way.

Is DDP Yoga Really Yoga?

It is not pure yoga, but you can consider this a hybrid version. It is an effort to remain distinct from the generic yoga forms available across the world. What is good is that page does not even try to be politically correct to. He adheres to his views and choices.

My view: DDP Yoga is here to stay. So, if you want to try something powerful which has a blend of yoga and still offers you a better cardiac rate, then this is the ideal choice.