How Does Six Meal Diet Help In Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about numerous changes in the body with regards the levels of energy, stamina and strength. Many women might also feel fatigued, lightheaded and weak besides gaining weight rapidly. These issues can be dealt with in quite easy and effective ways. One of the simplest yet practical approaches to deal with these undesired changes during pregnancy is to alter your eating habits. It’s not about what to eat but about when to eat.

How Does A 6-Meal Diet Help In Pregnancy?

Switching to a 6-meal diet regimen rather than a 3-meal diet can help pregnant women with the following health problems:

Excessive weight gain

Having frequent meals at short intervals speeds up the metabolism, thus helping you burn more of body fat. Therefore, changing your eating routines can help you avoid the pace of weight gain during pregnancy.

Folic Acid Beneficial During Pregnancy


Dizziness during pregnancy might occur due to many reasons, like anemia or hypoglycaemia. Having small portions at a regular interval of 2-3 hours can stabilize your blood sugar levels and also ensure you get adequate amounts of iron through your diet.


Nausea is common on empty stomach among pregnant women. Having low calorie foods at regular intervals can reduce the problem and keep nausea at bay.

Vomiting and Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and vomiting can also be alleviated with frequent meals. Vomiting occurs when you do not eat for long intervals. Snacking is a great way to deal with the condition.


Keeping yourself fuelled with energy-giving snacks all through the day can avoid fatigue during pregnancy. So, keep snacking!


Digestion of a large meal requires a lot of time. Therefore, having smaller portions at regular intervals is the key to having easy and quick digestion and thus, avoiding constipation.


Generally, headaches occur due to low blood sugar, stress, anemia or fatigue. Following the 6-meal plan will help in stabilizing these conditions, thus reducing the frequency of headaches during pregnancy.

Low blood sugar

Frequent meals at short intervals would help maintain the blood sugar level. Low blood sugar can lead to conditions like extreme fatigue, irritability, panic attacks, rapid heartbeats and breathlessness. Avoid intake of simple carbohydrates and refined sugars.

Diet Contents During Pregnancy

There are numerous food items that act as overachievers in terms of nutrition. Food items that can be added to your daily diet regimen as a healthy snack include:


Carrots are the richest source of vitamin A. It helps a great deal in healthy development of teeth, bones, and eyes of the baby growing inside you. Also, carrots carry rich content of vitamin C and B6 and fibre, as well. If you are counting your calories, this is probably the best snack to munch on.


Eggs are loaded with protein and deliver low calories as well. Feeling hungry after lunch? Boil an egg or two for that protein punch and enjoy the treat. You can also make an omelette for yourself or have it in the scrambled form. This dietary snack is not only tasty, but nutritious as well.


Generally referred as cooked soybeans, these green shells are loaded with calcium, proteins, vitamins A and B and folic acid. You can scoop it up as a snack by the handful. These little pods are just the perfect replacement for beans, as they prevent the formation of gas in the stomach.


If you are not a vegetable person, fruits are the best alternative as a healthy snack. Fruits like mangoes, apples, bananas, grapes, guava and oranges are packed with vitamins and minerals essential to complete development of the fetus. Some of these might contain high fats, but are equally nutritious as well.


Being packed with fibre, iron, B vitamins and numerous other minerals, oatmeal is the perfect and healthiest meal to have when you are feeling peckish. It will keep you satiated and also improve your digestion.


The very yum yogurt is also packed with nutrients like protein, calcium and folic acid as well. It also has a whole load of good bacteria to facilitate digestion and keep intestinal flora at proper levels. You can have it as it is, blend with fruits to make your favorite smoothies, or use it as a low calorie replacement for mayonnaise or sour cream in your sandwich. Additionally, yogurt also prevents yeast infections and is helpful in stomach upsets.

Important Tip: Try to avoid junk foods like pizza, burger and hot dogs as much as possible for healthy development of your baby. You can rather check out these healthy options.