How Dried Mango Benefits Your Health

Do you know how beneficial dried mango can be for your health? Are you aware of the nutritional content of dried mango? There are a lot of health benefits which dried mangoes offer. Some people prefer having juice of mango while some like having it raw. But, irrespective of the form in which you have it, the main and the most important thing is the contribution of dried mango towards the health of your body.

Mango is a very famous fruit which is found abundantly in the Asian region and other regions of the world. This is not only because of its delicious and yummy taste, and vibrant yellow – color, but also because it is rich in nutrients which are essential for the well being of the human body.

Dried mangoes help in preventing a number of diseases & maintaining a healthy mind and soul. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre, antioxidants & other vital nutrients.

Now let’s have a look at the nutritional facts and different benefits that dried mangoes can offer to you.

Dried Mango

Nutritional Facts About Dried Mangoes

Every 40 grams of mangoes that is approximately four pieces, have the below nutrient content:

  • Fiber- 2 Grams
  • Carbohydrates- 28 Grams
  • Fats- 0 Grams
  • Protein- 2 Grams
  • Calories- 120 Grams

If we talk about the percentage of these nutrients in dried mangoes, we would reach to the below conclusion:

  • Vitamin- A- 80%
  • Vitamin-C- 10%
  • Fiber- 8%
  • Calcium- 2%
  • Iron- 2%

Benefits of Dried Mangoes To Human Health

You might have never paid attention to the nutritional content of dried mangoes while enjoying this delicious fruit. But knowing them is quite essential and beneficial for you. So let’s look at some of the key benefits which dried mangoes can offer:

1. It Boosts The Immune System

  • Dried mangoes are quite rich in vitamin C that is approximately 80% of the daily content value.
  • Vitamin C plays a very important role in boosting the immune system of the body and preventing it from a lot of diseases.
  • It promotes very fast recovery from all type of wounds.

2. Helps In Preventing Cancer

  • This fruit is very rich in anti-oxidants specifically Phenols that are quite effective for fighting various types of cancer.
  • Cancer is a very serious health issue which is suffered by a lot of people throughout the world.
  • Anti-oxidants play a very important role in eradicating free-radicals that multiply the cells of cancer.

3. It Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Dried mango is a very rich source of Selenium.
  • Selenium is a nutrient which helps in preventing various types of diseases- cardiovascular like heart-attack, stroke, hypertensions & other such diseases.

4. Helps In Promoting Loss of Weight

  • Having sweet dried mango not only means that it will add to your weight.
  • This healthy fruit has a very low content of fat as well as calories.
  • Thus, dried mango is the most perfect food to be included in your everyday diet if you wish to lose some extra pounces.

5. It Prevents Problems of Digestion

  • Dry mango is also a rich source of fibre. Fiber is very effective in treating as well as preventing various digestive diseases.
  • Fiber helps in maintaining proper movement of bowels and also for keeping a proper digestive system.

6. It Maintains Strong Bones

  • Dry mango is also a very rich source of calcium.
  • Calcium helps in maintaining strong bones as well as healthy white teeth.

By now you would have completely understood how dry mango is beneficial for your health and can be very well included in your daily diet. Dry mangoes are easily available in the grocery shops.