How Dukan Diet Will Help You Lose Weight

The low-carbohydrate diet craze has caught fire more than ever before. And, that could be the reason Dukan Diet is still prominent among the figure conscious groups. While there are countless studies that emphasize the need for good carbohydrates, Dukan Diet, the brainchild of Dr. Pierre Dukan, modified the already existing low carbohydrate in a tempting way and presented it. With celebrities like Giselle Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez vouching for its fabulous results, it now seems to be most favorite diet plan among those who want to shed pounds faster.

So what is so special about this Dukan Diet that has enabled it to remain popular, even 15 years after its inception? Let’s take a look!


What Is The Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet is a low carbohydrate that is divided into four phases and comes with a set of strict rules. The Diet plan has been structured in such a way that dieters could exert self-regulation without too much pain and hence, can follow the diet without fail.

The basic protocol of this diet is high protein and low carbohydrates, but unlike other low carbohydrate plans, it comes with a very low-fat criteria. There are no calorie counting involved, and the use of nutrition bars and protein shakes are also discouraged. If you want to follow Dukan Diet, then expect yourself to indulge in natural foods. You could eat anything from the list provided for the specific in unlimited amounts. Just that you need to stick to the list!

As mentioned above, there are four phases which you need to follow to achieve the results.

1. The Attack Phase

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This is the phase that triggers quick weight loss and hence, the name. Your normal diet undergoes a dramatic change, putting your metabolism on the top speed. The phase varies anywhere between 2 to 10 days, depending on your weight loss goal.

Your body is fuelled generously with unlimited amounts of lean protein, and since there is no calorie counting involved, you can just relish the food. Just choose the low-fat variation when you pick the protein. Some of the foods you could enjoy include fish, white meat, eggs, lean beef, veal, soy, and low-fat dairy.

You could include 1.5 tbsp oat bran, but you must drink 1.5 liters of water a day. Exercising is a must in this phase as it could help in improving your metabolic rate. Spend some time walking to pump up the heartbeat and get the process started!

2. The Cruise Phase


Gear up your determination to reach your ideal weight. You can stay in this phase until you reach your ideal weight. Use the calculator from the website of Dukan Diet to decide how long this phase has to last. The diet moves beyond protein in this phase. Along with high protein, you are allowed to include various non-starchy veggies also. You will be alternating between cooked vegetables and raw greens and high proteins. You can binge on broccoli, okra, celery, green beans, mushrooms, cucumbers, and bell peppers in unlimited amount. Ideally this phase would last anywhere between for 3 to 5 days for every pound you want to lose.

3. The Consolidation Phase

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By the time, if you had followed the first two phases strictly, you would have already achieved your target weight. It is a transition from your strict diet into the normal eating habits. Your stringent dieting is over, and you can now include the starchy foods in your meals, but in a restricted way. This phase would last for 3 to 5 days for every pound you lost. Start by including one fruit a day or a slice of cheese. You could even include two slices of whole grain bread with a healthy, low-fat spread. But take it slow and never overdo.

4. The Stabilization Phase

Evening Walk

You are now back to your normal eating habits. But, there are certain non-negotiable, yet simple rules that you need to abide by to ensure that whatever you lost does not bounce back. You have to include 3 tbsp oat bran in your diet daily. Walk whenever and wherever possible. One day of the week should be the Attack Phase with zero carbs and only low fat, high protein foods.

Do You Really Lose Weight With Dukan Diet?

Is this a fad or does it really work? This diet does help in shedding the excess weight but is not free from negative effects. According to the British Diabetic Association, this diet is unscientific and even mentioned that it could have serious health impacts that are worse than binge eating and drinking.

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But according to an online survey that was conducted in 2010, it was found that people on the Dukan Diet lost about 15.7 pounds on an average during the Attack and Cruise phases.

In 2014, a study was conducted in the rats. In this study, the rates were put on a high protein diet akin to the Dukan Diet. It was noticed after 12 weeks that the rats lost 10% of their body mass, but with an increased risk of kidney disease.

The Cons

What is quite interesting with this diet plan is that it comes with a set of warnings. It proponent, Dr. Dukan, has issued a set of warning, including the side effects of following this diet plan. Some of the ill effects include constipation, lethargy, and lack of supplements.

The Bottom Line

Even though there are no clinical evidence that support the weight loss arguments of Dukan Diet, people who have taken the challenge vouch for its benefits. The best factor is that the challenging factors that prevail in the first two phases exist for the shorter time, which is essential when it comes to weight loss.

The results are bound to vary. Now that you know the A to Z of Dukan Diet, you would also be aware of the results. Dukan Diet will definitely help you shed the excess pounds, but keeping the lost weight off is indeed a tough task. So, would you go the Dukan way?