How Eating Almonds Benefits While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is essential for the wellness of the mama and the baby. Lactation is an energy consuming period that requires the new mother to increase her calorie intake. And, what eats does count! Eating healthy foods rich in good fats and proteins will help the nursing mothers as well as the baby. According to various studies, the inclusion of nuts such as almonds in the diet of a lactating mother will help in improving the immunity power of the babies. It also helps in increasing the quantity and quality of breast milk secreted.

Breastfeeding mothers should include foods rich in calcium and protein to enrich the lactation process and ensure that the baby grows properly. Almonds are one such food that bestow loads of benefits to the new mother and the baby. Along with improving the milk production, it ensures that the new mother’s energy and beauty requirements are also taken care of.


Read On To Know More About The Benefits of Almonds While Breastfeeding.

Storehouse of Essential Nutrients

A handful of almonds gives just 161 calories and contains about 2.5 grams of carbohydrates that are easily digested. Almonds are a good source of proteins and healthy fats also. It is also a treasure trove of various vitamins such as vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and vitamin E. It is also the abode of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc. Thus, the inclusion of almonds during the postnatal period in your healthy diet could help in faster recovery.

Help With Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Almonds are low in carbohydrates, but rich in good protein and fiber. The fiber and protein help in increasing the satiety and help people feel fuller. This, in turn, helps in preventing overeating. A daily serving of 43 grams of almonds, according to studies, lowers the hunger and appetite significantly. This, on the other hand, aids with post pregnancy weight loss in an efficient way.

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Help In Improving The Secretion of Breast Milk

Almonds have the reputation of being fabulous galactagogues. The inclusion of these brown-skinned nuts in your postnatal diet helps in enhancing the quantity and quality of breast milk secreted. Gynecologists often advise women who have poor lactation to include almonds in their diet to improve the secretion of milk.

Help To Combat Fatigue

A breastfeeding mother quite often has scarce time to take adequate rest. Almonds, being densely packed with energy, helps in rendering a good level of energy. This will help the new mom to combat fatigue and keep up her energy levels. Toast a handful of almond and grind them to a coarse paste to be used as a spread on your whole grain toast or just munch a fistful of almonds as your snack to ensure that your energy levels are high.

Good For Your Skin And Hair

You can now look beautiful and glowing in an effortless way. Just include almonds to your post natal meals. Packed generously with Vitamin E, almonds are rich in various antioxidants too. While vitamin E keeps the skin and hair moisturized and glowing, antioxidants combat the free radicals and eliminate them.

Good For The Baby

The lush presence of proteins in the almonds enable these nuts to help in the adequate growth and development of the brain and intellectual skills of the baby. The various nutrients of these nuts also ensure that the baby is healthy and active. The healthy fats of these nuts pep up the immunity power, protecting the little one from diseases.
Do you need any more reasons to include almonds in your post natal diet?