How Garlic Benefits For Babies Health

When your baby grows up and you watch him or her learning to crawl and walk, it fills the mind with unfathomable joy. However, it is also the time when you start giving the baby more than baby food and semi-solid foods. Parents are often unsure about what type of foods should be included in meals of their toddlers while giving them more solid food choices! It is prudent that you start giving them a few spices and herbs with foods that have health boosting and healing properties. Garlic is not what most parents would think of in such situations, but it can be beneficial for the babies.

Garlic Cloves

Top 4 Health Benefits of Garlic For Kids

Garlic is used worldwide in cuisine. It is used to make various meat and vegetable based dishes. The pungent flavor and taste of garlic makes such dishes tasty. However, the herb has some proven healing properties for humans and babies can also derive such benefits by in taking garlic.

1. Relief From Respiratory Issues

A lot of kids develop respiratory ailments and allergies, owing to contamination and during seasonal changes. From cold or fever to more serious respiratory infections, garlic can be used to provide relief to the affected toddlers. Its antioxidants help neutralize toxins in the baby’s body and nasal passage and clears congestion.

2. Soothing Abdominal Pain

Babies often get afflicted with a number of ailments and infections that lead to pain in the abdomen. Examples include dyspepsia, flatulence, food infection etc. It helps bring down the severity of digestive tract infections.

3. Boost Digestive System

Giving garlic to the babies can eventually help the functioning of their digestive system. The strong Phytochemicals found in garlic can kill bacteria and germs in the digestive tract of the babies. The good thing is that garlic does not affect the healthy bacteria staying in the human digestive tract.

4. Kills Intestinal Parasites And Worms

A number of babies get affected by parasites and worms that reside in the intestines like tapeworms. Garlic intake can help kill those worms and improves health.

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Safety of Giving Garlic To The Babies

Some parents may be concerned about safety of giving garlic to their baby girls and boys. However, garlic consumption does not pose any risk of side effects to most toddlers. After 9 months, garlic can be used to make dishes for the babies. However, a section of kids may have garlic allergy.

Ways To Give Garlic To Your Toddlers

Remove Garlic Smell

It is better that you adopt a gradual approach to introducing garlic to your kids through foods! Initially, mix a small amount of garlic in their foods to check the reactions. This is quite true that the pungent flavor of garlic may be disliked by the little ones. To overcome that issue, you should prepare foods with garlic with other ingredients in such way that the smell does not remain strong.

4 Ideal Ways To Give Garlic To Your Babies With Food:

You can crush garlic cloves and mix them with honey and feed the toddlers.

  1. It is prudent that you crush garlic and mix it with stews and soups for giving to the kids. As it is, garlic can be mixed with a wide range of meat and vegetable based soups. It blends particularly well with chicken soup, for example.
  2. To further neutralize the strong flavor of garlic in foods, you can also add some aromatic and healing herbs. For example, you can add a dash of ground cinnamon to soups in which garlic has been added. It makes up for the pungency by the nice aroma.
  3. Ideally, you should procure organic and fresh garlic to make foods for your kids. Crushing garlic cloves is the best option but you can also find dry garlic powder in health food stores nowadays.
  4. It is also recommended that you do not cook the garlic heavily so that the nutrients and healing properties are retained mostly.

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Summing It Up

Eventually, the benefits of giving garlic to your kids outweigh the problem caused by its smell! In most instances, you can deploy measures to reduce its pungency. When cooked properly, toddlers savor up foods containing garlic.