How Grapes Are Good For Runners

Be it the green varieties or the deep purple ones, grapes are tasty and healthy fruits loaded with water and energy. A prominent source of various vitamins including A, B6, and C, it is also laden generously with potassium, calcium, folate, iron, selenium, magnesium, and phosphorous. The benefits of grapes for diabetes, weight loss, cataract, migraine, high cholesterol, and asthma are well known and well acknowledged. Similarly, its energy and nutrient dense nature makes it a great snack for runners.

So, how exactly does grapes benefit runners. Read on to know about this right below.


10 Ways Grapes Benefits Runners

  1. A wonderful pre-workout snack!

The food that runners should consume before their event should not be heavy, at the same time keep them full for a longer time and bestow them with necessary energy. Grapes is one such food that fulfills the above mentioned requirements. The water dense nature of these fruits keeps them full while fructose renders the necessary energy.

  1. A great post running snack!

Grapes are wonderful resources of simple and natural carbohydrates and sugars. Just a handful of grapes when consumed after the intense running session is sufficient to boost their energy. The runners experience an instant surge of sugar levels that helps the recuperate quicker.

  1. Good source of water!

Marathon runners are bound to experience water loss in extreme forms due to sweat. And, this on the other hand, at times, leaves a runner susceptible to intense levels of dehydration. Eating grapes before such a workout could actually meet the water requirements sufficient for a long distance running and safeguards the runner from the impacts of dehydration.

  1. Immediate relief from fatigue!

A dip in the iron level leaves you sluggish, physically and mentally. A runner needs to be alert on both the levels, especially as he prepares himself to meet his opponents in a tough competition. Eating grapes can come to his rescue here. Grapes, especially the green variants, are excellent sources of iron. Hence, consuming grapes helps the runners shielded from fatigue and showcase a good performance.

  1. Helps in keeping the weight under control

Gaining weight above the accepted level is a strict no for runner as it hampers with their running pace, in turn affecting their career. Grapes can help the runners keep their weight under control. These fruits have lower levels of energy density. At the same time, grapes also provide the runners with the carbohydrates they require. The fiber present in the fruits keep them fuller for a longer time and prevent hunger pangs. In short, it is a great weight management food every runner should include in his diet.

  1. Helps in strengthening the bones

Grapes are loaded richly with iron, copper, and manganese. All these minerals play a very vital role in the formation of bone as well as maintaining their strength. A runner with poor bone health has a higher level of susceptibility to fracture and injuries that arise from the constant degradation due to long runs. Studies also suggest that inclusion of the grapes in the diet of a runner could lower the chances of the person developing osteoporosis.

  1. Helps in preventing and alleviating inflammation!

Runners are quite often vulnerable to the risk of developing inflammations. The presence of free radicals that arise from exhaustion and fatigue leads to unwanted oxidative stress also. Chuck out the anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain and inflammation. Instead, include grapes in the diet to reap its anti-inflammatory nature.

  1. Helps in improving the functioning of immune system!

A poor immune system lies down the foundation for your body to turn into a great base for many diseases. Grapes are gifted naturally with a wide assortment of nutrients, many of which possess the potential to strengthen the immune system and gives its functioning an overall boost. Runners should ideally include these fruits to avert the risk of any such illnesses that would weaken them.

  1. For better focus and concentration!

A runner needs to have a very clear focus and high levels of concentration to set the goals and visualize the results. Oxidative stress quite often triggers unwanted damages triggering the formation of plaques in brain. Many a time, the oxidative stress leads to various cognitive impairing conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Including resveratrol-rich grapes in the diet could revoke the chances of this condition at the same time offer better focus and concentration.

  1. Assists in muscles recovery in a better way!

Grapes are natural sources of some of the most potent antioxidants. It aids the organs and cells to eliminate the various toxins accumulated in the body in a better way and pave way for muscle recovery.

So, runners out there – start including grapes in your diet and reap its benefits!