How Green Tea Could Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

Green tea is well-known for the rich presence of antioxidants in it. A simple and humble drink that is slightly bitter in taste, it also has the reputation of eliminating the free radicals. Free radicals, if not taken care of, could induce oxidative stress. This stress, in turn, could trigger conditions such as cancer. However, the recent studies conducted on green tea could be beneficial in thwarting off the risk associated with the onset on pancreatic cancer. The research suggests that this tea contains various compounds that could impact the cancerous cells affecting the pancreas.

Green Tea

The study on the connection between green tea and various types of cancer has been going on for decades. But, studies have always failed to lay down the ‘how’ factor. While the scientists are still not ready to relinquish, they are also surprised by the way the green tea compounds lower the cancer risk and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.

Green Tea And Pancreatic Cancer

The current study, which is being talked about in this article, appeared in an online journal titled ‘Metabolomics’. According to this particular research, green tea contains an ingredient called the EGCG. This active biological green tea component, as per the scientists, could be responsible for the metabolic change that suppressed the expression of LDHA in the cancerous cells found in the pancreas.

pancreatic cancer

The study also suggests that along with EGCG, green tea is also the trove of oxamate, the LDHA enzyme inhibitor. These ingredients work in a synchronous way, thereby disrupting the metabolism of the cancerous cells.

To put it in the words of Wai-Nang Lee, who was a vital part of the study, “Scientists had believed they needed a molecular mechanism to treat cancer, but this study shows that they can change the metabolic system and have an impact on cancer. By explaining how green tea’s active component could prevent cancer, this study will open the door to a whole new area of cancer research and help us understand how other foods can prevent cancer or slow the growth of cancerous cells.”

According to him, study gives the cancer patients a new ray of hope. It looks at the relationship between green tea and the metabolism of cancer cells from a whole new angle. He also suggested that the study gave them an opportunity to realize the way one can disrupt the metabolism of cancer cells, which could be used effectively to craft a new way to prevent cancer.

The Study

The scientists who participated in this research used various complicated and advanced metabolic profiling techniques that helped them decode the secret. The researchers found out that EGCG present in the green tea disrupted the flow of molecules through the metabolic pathway, causing the effect to ripple through the entire cellular network. The functioning of this EGCG was quite similar to the LDHA inhibitor, oxamate.

The Conclusion of the Study

According to this study, green tea compounds, oxamate and EGCG could lower the risk of a person developing pancreatic cancer by inhibiting the metabolism of LDHA.

While there are more evidences required to substantiate this fact, the study has, unarguably, shed a novel ray of hope for those who are suffering from cancer. So, include 3 to 3 cups of green tea in your diet and save yourself from pancreatic cancer.