How Healthy Is Eating Oats

The mention of oats or oatmeal conjures of images of eating a healthy breakfast that is easy to prepare! You can give oats to your kids at breakfast when they do not want to munch on a lot of food and it can also be given to them after they return from school. Adults also take oats in breakfast. It serves as a quick and healthy snack too. They taste good, are easy to digest and take less time to prepare than many other foods.

How To Eat Oats

As a matter of fact, you can eat oats in a number of ways:

  • Raw, as museli- This is rolled oats that have been soaked in milk.
  • Steel-cut- The best method to consume oats. It is not for people in a hurry though.
  • Instant oatmeal- You can find these packs in varying sizes in malls and supermarkets.
  • Cookies- The oatmeal cookies, made with chocolate and peanut butter-quite heavy in calorie count.
  • As bread- Oatmeal bread is both yummy and nutritious.


Health Benefits of Eating Oats

  • Nutrient Powerhouse – Oats contain a significant amount of nutrients. The amount of protein and dietary fibre you get in oats can be amazing. It also contains a good amount of manganese and magnesium, two essential minerals. There is calcium and iron in small quantities too.
  • Filling Food – If you are planning to shed excess flab or retain the shape, oats can be ideal. When you eat a bowl of oats, you can stay full for longer. You are not likely to suffer from sudden pangs of hunger either. This will help you evade the urge to gorge on junk foods. It takes time to get digested properly. So, it can be ideal for those who want to avoid eating fast food and people who are dieting.
  • Benefit of Fibre – Compared to other edible grains, oats contain higher amount of soluble fibre. The fibre helps in lowering cholesterol and stabilizing glucose levels in the body. However, people afflicted with diabetes need to consume 50 g or more oats everyday to get the benefits.
  • Enhanced Digestion – If you find it hard to digest foods, try including oats in your diet. The fibre in oats attracts food particles in the intestines and help thwart constipation. People suffering from GERD can also find relief by eating oats regularly.

Studies Indicating Bigger Health Benefits of Oats

A number of studies carried out in the last decade indicate at oat’s role in preventing several killer ailments. A study showed, oats can be useful to thwart the onset of coronary artery disease. Another British and Netherlands based study showed that oat eating is linked to the prevention of colorectal cancer.

Should You Opt For Instant Oatmeal

A lot of people prefer instant oatmeal packs over other variants of oat, as it is. It is easy to prepare and requires less time as well. While some of these products may contain preservatives and artificial flavours, you can read the ingredients list before buying one. You have to consider the fact that some instant oatmeal packages also come with additional benefits such as added Calcium Carbonate and oat flour, etc. You may take regular failovers to avoid those extra salt and preservatives.

Is There Any Side Effects

In general, there is no serious adverse effect of eating oatmeal. Some people may be allergic to them, though the number can be small. Oat bran can interfere with medication absorption at times. Eating oats in excess amounts is not advisable as it can cause digestion problems.