How Hypnosis Can Be Especially Useful For Panic Attacks

Hypnosis is an intriguing treatment option for those suffering from any mental health condition. It has the ability to alter the mind in a way that can have a profound effect on your thought patterns, giving you the opportunity to overcome some of your worst emotions and habits, and ultimately find relief in others.

Many believe that hypnosis is a valuable tool for any type of disorder or behavior. But it appears to be especially useful for panic attacks. That’s because panic attacks – and panic disorder – are almost specifically due to faulty thinking, more so than almost any other mental health disorder.

Panic Attacks and Thought Processes

Panic attacks are almost exclusively due to subconscious thought processes. They occur for two distinct reasons, both of which are related to the connections between your mind and body:Meditation

• First, panic attacks are a cascade of anxiety that results from the way that your body translates physical sensations. For example, you experience a slight increase in heart rate for a harmless reason (such as walking up stairs or simply being a bit tired). Suddenly your body receives a rush of anxiety. That anxiety causes other physical symptoms, which causes more anxiety, until you feel like you’re about to die.

• Second, panic attacks come from a fear of panic attacks. Those with panic disorder often go out worrying that they’ll get a panic attack, which causes them to think about their health all the time, which makes them even more sensitive to these physical sensations and more like to get a panic attack.

Panic disorder doesn’t come from conscious faulty thinking, but it does come from subconscious faulty thinking, and as such it can be very hard to stop. You need a way to get into your mind, and change those thoughts so that you stop the cascade of fear and are able to stop anxiety from rushing over you. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to do that.

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is specifically a way of altering faulty thought processes. It works with your subconscious mind so that when you experience a physical sensation, or stress, or fear, or anything that contributes to your anxiety attacks, you no longer translate them into the level of extreme anxiety and panic that causes such emotions in the first place.

Hypnosis is essentially a way of retraining your brain. When you experience light headedness, or an increased heart rate, or dizziness, etc., your mind will no longer immediately go to the worst case scenario. You’ll be able to sit back, assume it’s nothing, and cope with it almost like there is nothing to cope with.

In the process, hypnosis can create other positive emotions in you as well. It can help you deal with some of the extreme stresses that caused your mind to create these negative associations in the first place. That makes it doubly valuable for those whose panic attacks were brought on by the physical sensations of stress.

Using Hypnosis as a Tool for Panic Disorder

There are many different treatments for panic attacks and panic disorder. Hypnosis is easily one of the most interesting, because it gets right at the heart of what causes panic attacks so that you are able to place yourself in a better opportunity to cure them completely. Hypnosis is one of the few treatments that deal specifically with thought patterns, so it’s something you may want to strongly consider if you deal with regular panic attacks and severe anxiety.