How Is Divya Medha Vati Useful

What Is Divya Medha Vati?

Divya Medha Vati is a special blend of Ayurvedic herbs which assist the body, providing it with energy and serve also to strengthen the nervous system by treating conditions of stress and depression. A very useful product for students it gives reinforcement to the brain and promotes good and positive thinking. As it enhances the memory, it is very beneficial for older people too who may face difficulty in remembering things. The Vati promotes self-confidence and enthusiasm; and it is very advantageous for those who find it difficult to sleep and suffer from headaches and migraines.

Divya Medha Vati

What Are Its Constituents And How Does It Act?

Divya Medha Vati consists of natural herbs for the alleviation of stress. The herbal remedies for depression in this formulation help in the release of stress hormones and provide relief from stress and depression. All these remedies are completely natural and are not known to produce any side- effects on the body and other organs. The main ingredients of this mixture are natural and well known in the treatment of such depressive disorders. Today, due to the pace of our lives, people are under stress and frequently have tranquilizers to get relief from depression and stress. These products have adverse effects.

However, Divya Medha Vati is an effective natural product which increases oxygen flow to the brain and balances hormones for the more effective management of stress and depression naturally. The herbal formulations in this product are safe and not habit forming. It will not lead to dependence if taken regularly over a long period of time. The remedies in this product also provide nutrition to the brain an aid in effective functioning.

Main Ingredients

Divya Medha Vati consists of extracts of Brahmi, Shankha-pushpi, Vaca, Jyotishmati, Ashwagandha, Jata Mamshi, Ushtukhudusha (Arabian or French Lavender), Pushkara-mula, Pravala Pishti, Moti (mukta) Pishti, Rajata Bhasma, and so on.

How is Divya Medha Vati Useful?

There are many uses of Divya Medha Vati.

  • It is useful as a brain tonic and to augment a person’s memory
  • It is also beneficial in preventing memory loss and enhancing intelligence.
  • It can be used to fight against various mental disorders such as memory loss, lack of sleep, migraines, headaches, irritation and epileptic fits.
  • Overall, Divya Medha Vati helps to calm down your brain.
  • It is useful to stop excessive dreaming, negative thoughts, depressive behaviour and general uneasiness.
  • In case of older patients, it proves indispensible to overcome loss of memory as they forget things quite easily.
  • It is a great self confidence booster and keeps you full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • As a brain tonic, it is valuable and should be used regularly for stimulating memory and wisdom.
  • It does not produce any side effect.
  • It has therapeutic use treatment of stress and depression, and does not produce any side effects or post usage dependency.
  • It can be used by people of all ages to get respite from their depressive and mind problems.
  • It is very useful for those people who have suicidal inclinations due to depression.
  • It is an established mental herbal tonic for efficient brain functioning despite your age.


Divya Medha Vati should be taken on an empty stomach with milk or after breakfast with water and in the evening after dinner with water or milk.

Along with taking Divya Medha Vati, to gain complete benefits from its intake you will need to make certain lifestyle and dietary changes.
Anxiety and depression is known to ruin the lives of many people who fall victim to it. Instead of popping pills to overcome depression, you can take the help of a herbal mental tonic like Divya Medha Vati and make certain life style changes which include more fresh air, and exercise. You must remain busy and keep your mind occupied. Meditation is a good way to relax and calm the mind. Breathing exercises should be included to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Diet should be altered to avoid heavy and spicy foods and instead include more vegetables, pulses and legumes in your food intake. Consume fruits regularly. Proper nutrition taken in by the body in turn supplies valuable nutrients to the organs and brain and give relief from stress.

Alcohol, tea and coffee should be minimal. Instead, drink water, juices and coconut water.

Divya Medha Vati is a very useful mental tonic and can be consumed by people of all ages. It helps you overcome depression and stress and enhances the memory and positive thought. However to gain maximum benefit from it supplement it with appropriate lifestyle and diet changes.