How Is Orange Juice Effective For Weight Loss

Losing excess weight has become a top priority for several million women and men across the globe nowadays. Obesity has become a serious health concern, even in developed nations and medical experts are trying to find more effective measures to cope with it. While weight loss pills are tried by a significant number of obese people their efficacy remains varied and controversial. Exercise does help in shedding excess flab but it works better when coupled with proper diet. Using fruit juices to complement weight loss is a practice and a lot of obese people resort to Orange juice to achieve weight loss target.

Why Choose Orange Juice To Lose Weight

Orange is a citrus fruit that is packed with vital nutrients and antioxidants but it is low in calorie. It is also great in taste. Orange contains natural sugars that are much less harmful than artificial sweeteners present in soda and other beverages. It is much healthier to consume orange juice compared to aerated drinks available in the market.

Orange Juice Effective For Weight Loss

Prepare Orange Juice At Home

It is always better that you prepare orange juice at home rather than buying commercial juices available in the market. This will ensure you get the goodness of natural fruit juice sans the preservatives, colors and artificial sweeteners. It is also recommended that you do not add extra sugar while making orange juice at home. Doing so will add to the calorie count for sure. If possible, you can use oranges produced on organic farms.

How Orange Juice Leads To Weight Loss

Orange juice gives your body various required nutrients while the amount of calorie consumed remains negligible. It has several nutrients that aid metabolism process in the body and fat burning receives a boost eventually. Studies have shown when you begin a day with fruit juice, preferably with breakfast it helps keep you full for a long time. As a result, you do not feel hunger pangs and binge eating is reduced. You may also mix Orange with a lemon or Apple juice for variation at times. This is ideal when you want to lose weight without making any drastic change to your life schedule.

Cautions And Considerations

While drinking orange juice is good both for health and obesity, you need to consume it in the right amount. Drinking a lot of orange juice everyday can do more harm than good. On an average, a glass of this juice contains 2 grams of natural sugar and 120 calories. So, you should not drink more than a couple of glasses a day for getting optimum benefits.

It would be a mistake to think that drinking orange juice alone can help you shed those ugly layers of flab from the body! Doctors and health experts advise resorting to daily exercise and a balanced diet to reduce waistlines. You need to include lean protein sources, healthy fat and minerals in the diet to achieve weight loss targets without much pain. Combine orange juice with such food and the results will be on a desired scale.