How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant?

You both are so much in love and have been enjoying the bliss of marriage or partnership. Two is great company and you have now begun to feel that three is not a crowd either! You are keenly thinking of having an addition to your family and are ready for the little one.

While there are couples who just go with the flow, there are some others who do not know how to go about the whole conception thing. Rather, they have too many misconceptions! Making a baby is a beautiful process and couples must enjoy the journey.

Most couples who plan to start a family will want to know the time frame they can expect for their pet project to go through. It all depends upon the fertility and experts say that a fertile couple can expect to have a successful conception naturally within a year.

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Again, this is not a standard and differs between couples. Those that have a high monthly fertility run a great chance of getting pregnant within any month. The chances of conceiving are very high for fertile couples within months of their plan.

Couples with a low monthly fertility have a below average chance of conception in any given month. Mostly they will take a longer period to achieve conception. This means it is absolutely okay and normal for couples to take up to two years to get pregnant. Even though couples who take two years are anxious if there is a problem and tend to stress over it. Statistics show that nearly 50% of couples that do not get pregnant within a year will most probably be successful in the coming year.

Factors Influencing A Delayed Pregnancy

It is important to know the factors that contribute to a delayed pregnancy.

  • Lifestyle
  • Job
  • Age
  • Reproductive issues
  • Obesity
  • Underweight
  • Partner’s lifestyle, age and diet
  • Frequency of sex
  • Presence of chronic illnesses

Some Pointers

Have you been trying to conceive for over a year and are about 35 years of age? It is important to approach a gynaecologist to investigate and work towards improving the chances. If you are above 35 years of age, do not delay as every year is crucial for conception and you must hurry.

You must also seek help quickly of you or your partner have a health issue or a gynaecological problem. Some men may need to investigate their sexual health and this need to be done without delay, especially if there is a problem for conception.

Increase Your Chances of Conception

How can you increase your chances of conception?

  • Regular unprotected sex
  • Good health both you and your partner
  • Know your ovulation cycle

Firstly, both of you need to be fit and healthy. Health issues can mar your chances of conception. You also need to take time out to have regular sex without the use of contraception. If you are making love once a week it is not adequate. Everyday sex hampers sperm quality, so a frequency of thrice a week should be good.

Planning is key and striking when the iron is hot may be the strategy to be adopted. For instance, you need to know your ovulation cycle really well and the fertile days. If you are having sex on the ovulation days, this is an extremely fertile period and your chances of getting pregnant are much higher. Do not adopt complicated methods to predict ovulation period, instead you could watch out for simple clues like increased mucus before ovulation as a sign of fertile period.

Keep stress out of all this. If too much planning is making you go on an overdrive, enjoy frequent sex and think positive about conception. Stress is a killjoy and can prevent you from conceiving.

Fertility experts are of the opinion that the chances of conception are higher when the mind is relaxed. Enjoying each other’s company and having frequent unprotected sex with a positive frame of mind is the key to successful conception.

It also helps if couples interact with other couples in the same boat and exchange notes. It supports ideas, allays fears and doubts and keeps the environment positive.