How Many Calories Does Yoga Really Burn

Ask this question to any true yoga lover and you will be shocked at the answer he/she gives you. Calorie burning with yoga could probably the last reason why the person does yoga. While the true aim of yoga is to create a conscious connection between your body and mind, people who are doing yoga with the goal of weight loss ought to be aware of how many calories does yoga really burn. Being a whole body workout, it does give you some awesome results, but the results vary with the type and intensity of yoga.

Studies suggest that you can burn about 500 calories with a 60 minute decent intense yoga session. Now that looks really tempting, isn’t it? While Bikram and power yoga classes will yield a higher level of calorie burn, intense Hatha could give you similar results. So, which yoga classes burns the least and most? Take a look right here to get the answers.

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How Many Calories Can I Burn With A 60 Minute Yoga Class

Here is a short insight into what you can expect from yoga, with respect to calories. This is just a sample data of how much a 32 year old 5 feet 5 inch woman, weighing 70 kg, burns…

1. Hatha Yoga: 200 calories/hour

The basic yoga form, it comprises of yoga asanas and breathing techniques. While it is a broad term, it is ideal for those who are new to yoga. A good form for toning and stretching, it allows you to get a feel of what yoga is all about.

2. Gentle Hatha Vinyasa: 300 – 350 calories/hour

The next stage of Hatha yoga, it involves continuous movement from one pose to another, incorporating breathing in the right place. I would say it is the place where people who want to try something between Hatha and power types could step in. The intensity varies and so does the calorie burn. A good choice for those who have been practicing yoga, but want to use yoga as their weight loss exercise tool.

3. Ashtanga Yoga: 350 – 400 calories/hour

Ashtanga yoga is also vinyasa, but slightly advanced and more intense. It is a dynamic type that works on the harmonious functioning of movements and breathing. It is a predefined set of poses that offers both cardiovascular as well as psychological benefits. Remember, this yoga type aims to cleanse the body, burning the toxins, and thus aiding in weight loss. Plus, you get added benefits of less stress and more flexibility.

4. Power Yoga: 350 – 400 calories/hour

This is as powerful as Ashtanga and follows a similar flow. The difference – there is no predefine sequence here. It depends of the teachers and the practitioners. Each class is choreographed in a different way and is meant to offer a through cleansing.

5. Bikram Yoga: 450 – 500 calories/hour

Bikram yoga or hot yoga, as it more popularly referred to as, is a type of yoga wherein you practice in a temperatire of 105 degrees. A 90 minute class, it is a sequence of 26 asanas which is repeated in all the classes. You lose about 1 to 1.5 kg in each class, but that is pure water lose. However, it is quite often recommended when it comes to weight loss as it enables the elimination of toxins via sweat.

6. Advance Vinyasa Yoga: 550 – 600 calories/hour

The flowing yoga – that is what this is! A sequence of poses designed exclusively for each class is the highlight this yoga type. It is more than stretching; you burn quite a lot of calories with this type. It offers quite a lot of variety too; each class is different; each class is intense.

While deepening the poses such as Utkatasana and Warrior poses does help in better burning of calories, you can include yoga along with various cardio vascular activities to achieve the results you desire. So, enjoy yoga in a wholesome way and reap the benefits.