How Much Fruit And Vegetables Should You Eat Everyday?

A lot of us feel guilty about fruits and vegetables. Why? Because we keep hearing time and again that both fruits as well as vegetables are supposed to be good for our health. And yet, despite having heard this for a long time, people hardly ever take this advice seriously. Today, we will provide you with some tips on why and how much fruit you should eat every day.

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

Since European and North American diets are dominated by carbohydrates – there is very little consumption of fiber here. Fiber’s beneficial effects on human health are by now fairly well documented. In a study conducted in the UK, it was found that people that ate lots of fruits and vegetables stood a very good chance of living longer and healthier lives.


Importance of a Fiber Rich Diet

On a diet dominated by redundant components, there is a grave need to transition to a diet comprising fruit and vegetables. For a long time, the NHS and other federal agencies have recommended that at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables should be eaten by a single American every day. But the change towards a transformed diet including fruits and vegetables has not taken place in America. It was estimated by the NHS that perhaps only 30% of Americans ate the recommended quantities of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Based on this scenario – it may safely be said that the potential for improvement in this respect is massive.

Initial Research and Recommendations Regarding Fruits and Vegetables

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On the one hand, there has been a major lapse in America’s adoption of fruits and vegetables in its diets. On the other hand, most of the scientific studies conducted in the US and worldwide – clearly point to the health benefits of eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Until recently the NHS recommended 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per person every day. However, as the evidence regarding its benefits has started to accumulate, the recommendations for the quantities of fruits and vegetables to be consumed have also been radically revised.

Recent Medical Recommendations Regarding Fruits and Vegetables

Today, several medical and health agencies will recommend that every individual should consume10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. It appears that the benefits are very visible and obvious to the people that are following these recommendations. However, people who would actually benefit by adopting these changes to their diet – are yet to make these kinds of changes to their diets.

Making a Change is Very Easy

The noteworthy point is that – making these changes is not really difficult at all. There is an abundant supply of fruits in America today. All that each family has to do – it to take fruits and vegetables far more seriously by including these as part of the weekly groceries we go shopping for with our families.

The Mix of Fruits To Be Eaten

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Different kinds of fruits may be eaten, ranging from the locally available apples, pears and oranges, to tropical fruits like the banana, mango and melons. It is also recommended that fruits be eaten fresh and whole. When eaten this way, fruits also supply Vitamins C, E, minerals and phytochemicals. Fruits also assist with reducing and controlling body weight. Another benefit is also that they can help in reducing risks of developing certain kinds of cancers.

It is intriguing that – despite seeming to know fully well that fruits and vegetables carry a number of health benefits – Americans have failed to adopt them into their diets. Perhaps one factor that may urge us to eat more fruits is also that they are very tasty indeed. People tend to eat larger quantities of comfort foods – such as pizza or pasta; however, if they only started to include the recommended quantities of fruits and vegetables into their diets – their health and bodies would benefit immensely.

Are you eating too much fruit and vegetable? Share your fruity thoughts with me in the comments!