How Much Weight Do You Lose During Heat Yoga

Are you battling against weight gain for a long time? If yes, you must try heat yoga, a variant of regular yoga. Yoga is an age old practice offering a wide range of advantages. People who carry unnecessary baggage in the form of weight despite trying hard to reduce gets disheartened and start looking for a miracle that can help them to be their normal self. Although, there are many exercises, cardio activities, aerobics, swimming, jogging, brisk walking and more that helps in this regard, none of them matches the “heat yoga” that has taken the world of exercisers by storm. Let us discuss about this form of yoga and the advantages that can be enjoyed.

Heat Yoga And Calorie Burn

Heat Yoga is a variant of yoga, also referred to as Bikram Yoga as it has been introduced by the famous yoga practitioner, Bikram Choudhary. Heat yoga consists of a 26 different postures considered to be quite effective as far as weight loss is concerned. This yoga variant was introduced in the 70s decade in the United States of America.

hot yoga

This yoga form is conducted by Bikram studio operators in specially heated rooms with the temperatures reaching 105 degrees and 30-40% humidity. Practicing yoga in such an environment is quite a strenuous activity resulting in long term as well as short term weight loss.

Due to loss of water, short term advantages can be gained and due to the burning of calories, long term gains can be enjoyed. Thus, dual advantages are associated with this yoga form.

What Is So Special About Heat Yoga?

In the year 2002, Bikram obtained copyright on the specific yoga poses sequence and the term “Bikram” was used by the yoga studio operators to cash in this super hot yoga class. These studios have to obtain licenses to operate from Bikram headquarters and certified instructors have to be employed. Eaxct breathing exercises and postures are practiced in every class as a Bikram yogi. The dialogue or verbal instructions are also delivered by trained and qualified Bikram yogis. This “dialogue” is delivered in precise wordings, with the same cadence and timing. In order to avoid copyright violation, many yoga studios change the sequence of the yogic moves or add certain unauthorized postures.

Loss of Water In Heat Yoga

A lot of sweating is experienced by the Bikram yogis. Sometimes, it is so much that to avoid slipping on the mats, they have to use towels on their sticky mats. The term “getting juicy” is used when referring to sweat and humidity factors.
Deep joint flexibility also gets pronounced with heat yoga. As much as a difference of 1-3 lbs is noticed by the Bikram yogis before and after the class representing loss of water. This is why, Bikram yogis are asked to hydrate themselves periodically for replacing lost fluids.

Loss of Weight In Heat Yoga

Depending on the intensity with which yogic moves are performed, the number of calories are burned. In one and a half hour class, a normal person weighing 150 lbs may burn approximately 1,000 calories. Thus, if heat yoga is practiced four times in a week, you may be able to lose one pound per week.

Certain poses in this form of yoga also have a positive impact on the parathyroid and thyroid glands. These yogic moves are Rabbit, Fixed Firm, Standing separate leg head to knee and more where chin chest compressions are required. The metabolic rate gets regulated as a result.


Thus, if losing weight is one of the major goals, heat yoga can help a great deal in a short span of time.