How Naturopathy Works

Naturopathy is one of the softest holistic approach to wellness. It is a very simple healing solution that works very close to the nature. There is no generic solutions available. Each and every condition is offered a personalized elucidation based on the person and his needs. It considers persons as individuals and encourages him to lead a healthy lifestyle for the better life.

The Building Blocks

Naturopathy takes its roots from the following basic concepts:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Clean water
  3. Adequate exposure to the sun
  4. A good exercise regimen, preferably yoga or Tai Chi
  5. Stress management


The Goal

It helps a person to develop an awareness about his own health as well as their family. It aims to educate a person about the various symptoms of a health condition, how to minimize the same, improve body’s healing potential, and balance the body to prevent the recurrence of the health condition.

How does naturopathy heal a health condition

The healing process under naturopathy varies depending on the disease and the person. Some of the common therapies used include herbs, diets, nutritional medicines, lifestyle changes, massages, acupressure, and even homeopathy medicines.

Let us take a deeper look into each of these blocks of naturopathy.

  1. Identify the root cause

Unlike other fields of medicine where treatment is based on the symptoms, naturopathy tries to heal the condition based on the root causes. Let us consider an example of a person who wants to lose the extra weight he has. He could be overweight from a wide range of triggers, including unhealthy lifestyle habits, lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, gluten intolerance etc. A naturopath discovers the root cause. You will not lose weight if you have a thyroid issue and you are taking a pill that lowers cholesterol. Once he identifies the root cause, he analyzes other associated factors and then moves ahead with the treatment.

  1. Dietary Modifications

Based on the root cause, a healthy balanced diet rich in clean foods is prescribed. The concept ‘one size fits all’ is not applicable here. So what might be good for your friend need not necessarily work for you.

  1. Healthy Exercise Regimen

Naturopaths, many a time, advice yoga and Tai Chi as these forms of exercises are quite gentle on your body. Plus, they are closer to nature. The person is always advised to exercise for not longer than 60 minutes a day. Excessive exercising is also not advised as it could impact the body in an undesirable way. Yoga also helps in easing any kind of stress experienced when you are not well and pave way for faster recuperation.

  1. Managing The Stress Involved

Naturopaths work on managing stress also. While practicing yoga is advised to alleviate stress, the persons are also counseled to indulge in conscious breathing exercises as well as meditation techniques to help them let go off the stress and anxiety involved.

  1. Water

Intake of water, fresh and clean, is a quintessential part of any naturopathic treatment. Many a time, naturopaths advise you to go on a water fast for a couple of days to promote detoxification and cleansing. The thumb rule while you fast is to retain the fast until you feeling like passing out. The doctor advises you to take adequate rest while fasting and refrain from all arduous tasks, including reading books. This will ensure that water fasting is working the right way.

  1. Massages

Massages and body masks are used very generously in naturopathic treatments. While massages help in improving the circulation of blood and lymph, masks help in better elimination of toxins.

Along with these factors, many naturopaths also use herbal supplements according to the underlying conditions.

Just ensure that you naturopath is a certified practitioner. It is the nature’s way of healing you and when done the right way it does bestow only pure goodness.