How Nutritious Is Chocolate Milk For Breakfast?

Often we hear kids asking for chocolate milk for breakfast. Even adults love the flavour of chocolate in milk and look for opportunities to consume a chocolate milk shake either for breakfast or after a workout. People, who exercise hard, also prefer taking chocolate milk as their protein drink after a rigorous workout session. All this makes us wonder if chocolate milk is actually nutritious and good for our health?

What Do Researchers Say?

Many studies have been carried out by researchers on milk flavoured with chocolate and it has been found that any flavour of milk is a great source of nutrient for kids and helps in their overall growth and development. Milk is a source of well being and prevents certain diseases, particularly in adults. As per the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, no other food can replace the amount of potassium, Vitamin D and calcium that milk offers human beings. It clearly states that every person above the age of 9 years should have three servings of milk daily and children between two and eight years should consume 2 servings of milk.

Chocolate Milk

Coming to chocolate flavoured milk, it contains all the nutrients unflavoured milk contains, including protein, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, vitamins, riboflavin. It contains only 3% additional sugar, which does not cause any harm to the body. However, adults with medical conditions should check the milk food label on the chocolate milk carefully before consuming it.

Milk Food Label

Added sugar and lactose content is clearly mentioned in every milk food label. Usually, this label is located on the rear side of the packaging. Check out the points mentioned below to become aware of what your chocolate milk usually contains.

  • Sugar lactose is present in flavoured and unflavoured milk. Just ensure the lactose content should not exceed 12 grams in a standard glass of milk.
  • Around 8-12 grams of additional sugar is present in chocolate milk. That means half the sugar in it is still natural lactose. Keep that in mind.
  • Chocolate milk has 60 calories, which is offset against the nutrients the milk offers the body.

Chocolate milk balances levels of carbohydrates and protein in the body. Here is how drinking chocolate milk for breakfast can benefit your health and body.

Source of Nutrition

If your child or you are physically active, drinking chocolate milk after the activity is one of the best ways to give your body the nutrition it requires. Not only would chocolate milk give your body the extra edge by helping the muscles overcome exhaustion, it also will offer essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and calcium.

Muscle Enhancer

Chocolate milk contains as much protein as unflavoured milk contains and that it why it acts as a great muscle repairer and recovery drink post exercise. Moreover, one cannot ignore the fact that it boosts Vitamin D and calcium content in the body that preserve the well-being and health of joints and cartilages. A study conducted by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism has stated chocolate milk actually helps tired muscles by replacing glucose. One glass of chocolate milk post exercise helps in muscle growth and ensures speedy recovery.

Serves as a Light Breakfast

For those, who believe in heavy lunch, chocolate milk is an excellent option as a light breakfast. A big glass of chocolate milk along with a toast or boiled egg is a great breakfast menu for a healthy start to your day.
So, what are you afraid of? Are you concerned about the sugar controversy surrounding chocolate milk? If you take a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast, cut down on sodas, candies and other sugary and high-calorie drinks and foods that do nothing for your health, other than pumping sugar into your blood. And don’t consume more than a glass of chocolate milk in the day! Just a glass is enough for breakfast and for you to enjoy its nutritious benefits. This will help ensure you don’t have weight issues and you enjoy the great taste of the milk without feeling guilty.

Don’t fight with your child over breakfast. If you and your family are bored of toast and cereals, forget them and opt for chocolate milk instead. It would be indeed your savior in terms of nutrition, good health and taste. Chocolate milk can offer all goodness of milk to your family and help in their bone and brain development and overall growth. Encourage your kids to pick up a glass full of vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron, especially if they are physically active.