How Organic Foods Are More Nutritious For You

With time, people are becoming more health and fitness conscious than ever before. Apart from taking supplements and discarding fast food, a majority of people are now aware about the need to consume healthy produce. The debate over the benefits of consuming organic vegetable and fruits, refuse to die and findings of some new researches have given proponents of such foods reason to cheer about.

Benefits Of Organic Produce Shown By New Study

A research led by Newcastle University’s Prof Carlo Leifert indicates at meaningful and statistically significant, differences between conventional and organic produce. Organic fruits and vegetables contain enhanced levels of antioxidants and they also come with lesser amounts of pesticides, which are beneficial for humans. This study is the first to show wide-ranging and clear differences between conventional and organic produce. The level of antioxidants in organic produce can be up to 69% more, as per the study findings.

Organic Food

Additional Benefits Of Organic Produce and Risk of Conventional Crops

The study carried out by Prof Leifert is significant for those who believe in the goodness of organic vegetables and fruits. Leifert along with his colleagues think the antioxidants found in organic produce can be ideal to reduce risk of specific ailments like cardiovascular diseases and some variants of cancers. However, health benefits of broad organic diet have not yet been documented scientifically.The study is based on as many as 343 peer reviewed studies conducted worldwide.

The researchers think people should cut down on consumption of regular crops owing to the excessive levels of pesticide found in them. They are especially worried about the presence of toxic metal cadmium in such crops. While the levels of pesticides and cadmium found in conventional produce could be below regulatory limits, the consumption can lead to cadmium deposit in the body, leading to health concerns in the long run.

Re analysis of previous Studies

The new study not only assures proponents of organic foods, but it also serves as a fitting reply to an earlier study conducted by Stanford University a few years back. The Stanford University study indicated eating organic produce does not bring you additional health benefits. The new study admits some aspects of the Stanford study as valid, but also points out at some new aspects.
The study shows both types of produce offer similar amounts of nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C and minerals. However, conventional crops contain higher mounts of protein. The conventional produce lags behind organic produce in terms of antioxidant compounds.

New Study Getting Support From Scientists

The new study indicating organic produce is actually healthier and nutritious is getting support from a section of the medical community, along with scepticism and negative reviews. The scientists supporting the findings of the study think the antioxidant compounds like carotenoids and flavonoids protect cells from the effects of ageing. They protect cells from free radical caused damages.

The scientists argue that plants usually make these compounds to safeguard themselves from insects and risks. Since organic crops are not equipped with chemical pesticides they need to be robust in nature. Organic crops are also fed with fewer fertilizers so their nutrients do not get dissolved much.

The scientists also argue that harvesting organic crop is also advantageous for the environment. Organic farming is based on the use of natural pesticide that does not impact the crop or soil adversely. The restriction of artificial fertilizer means the soil is not laden with chemicals and those do not get into the water and eco system, and food chain is not affected.

Apart from offering nutritional benefits and added antioxidants, organic fruits and vegetables are not treated with artificial colours and preservatives. They may look less fresh than some conventional produce, but in reality have more freshness quotient inside.

Aspects of Organic Food You Need To know

While the new study highlights potential benefits of eating organic foods, you need to know some nuances before switching to an organic food based diet.

The cost of organic foods is still on the higher side compared to traditional crop, but it is reducing with time. The high cost is mostly owing to natural farming practices.

You need to keep in mind that organic fruits and vegetables, despite the healthy nature will last for less time compared to general produce as they lack preservatives. This means you should not buy them in large quantities at one time as some produce will perish. This is because they are not treated with preservatives. Some, such fruits and vegetables may actually have odd shapes and hues.

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