How Safe Is Gardening During Pregnancy?

Spending quality time with yourself during pregnancy is something every woman pines for. Gardening is the best way to spend an ideal afternoon and gain some fresh air. It is a great hobby and will encourage you to get some physical work. However, being careless could actually invite unwanted and undesirable results.

What To Take Care of Why Indulging In Gardening During Pregnancy?

There are many problems that you might encounter during gardening while pregnant. Constant bending and leaning over can cause severe back problems, which may cause difficulty during the last trimester and delivery. While there are countless issues that you might need to tackle, two of them need extra attention!

Gardening During Pregnanc

1. Toxoplasmosis Infection

This is a parasitic infection usually found in relation with the raw or undercooked food, but it can also attack you right from the soil. Studies suggest that there is a 40% higher risk of the fetus sustaining the negative impacts of this infection if the mother falls prey to Toxoplasmosis. During the early stages of pregnancy, it can even lead to miscarriage while in the later stages, this lethal infection can affect the development and growth of your baby’s brain. It might even lead to still birth.

Since the impacts of the infection is highly dangerous, a pregnant woman should avoid developing this infection. This parasite enters the soil via cat poo and can easily enter your body with from your hand to your mouth or eyes.

2. Pesticides And Chemicals

Another major concern is that of pesticides and insecticides. These two elements that are found in all the major gardens allow the seeds to grow into healthy plants. These ingredients also protect the garden from insects and other pests that might cause damage. According to a recent study, a pregnant woman in her first trimester has a higher risk of being negatively impacted by the pesticides. The harsh ingredients present in these pest killing chemicals affect the neural tube development of the fetus, triggering various major negative impacts include damages to the kidney and heart. The limb formation is also affected.

Constant exposure to these chemicals is harmful to the mother and the baby. So if you are looking to do some gardening while you are pregnant, restrict the use of pesticides and insecticides to the minimum possible levels.

Tips For Gardening During Pregnancy

Gardening is a great pastime during pregnancy and by adopting some precautionary measures, you can easily enjoy your hobby without any harmful effects.

  • Always wear high quality gloves while you are gardening. This will help in preventing you from coming into direct contact with the soil and will eventually prevent any parasitic infection.
  • Protect yourself from the heat and sun by wearing a large hat and sunscreen. This will prevent heat stroke and will allow you to relax while you are working.
  • Washing your hands thoroughly after gardening is yet another quintessential aspect you should never ignore. Even if you were wearing gloves, it will wash away any germs that might have touched your hand.
  • Avoid eating anything raw even if it has been plucked from your home garden .
  • Hydrate yourself by regularly drinking a lot of water or your favorite cool beverage. Make a routine of drinking water before, during and after your gardening session.
  • Avoid placing too much pressure on your back as it can lead to serious back aches. Pick a position that makes you most comfortable and stick to it.
  • Never pick heavy items or something directly from the ground, which can cause strain on your back.
  • Pick plants that are not poisonous and require minimum use of pesticides.
  • Avoid any direct contact with any chemicals and keep their use to the lowest.
  • Water the garden soil before beginning your gardening. This will reduce the risk of any infections that might occur due to inhalation.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and this is the best time to indulge in your hobby and passion. Gardening is a very beneficial activity during this delicate time. Just follow the aforementioned tips and you can enjoy your favorite hobby without worrying about any negative impacts.