How Sesame Oil Benefits For Baby Massage

An infant can bring immense joy and a feeling of contentment in his or her parent’s life. Parents try their level best to ensure the baby grows up in good health and conditions. From the time a baby is born, it becomes necessary to take care by using various foods, supplements, medications and skin care products. Needless to say, baby skin is very delicate and sensitive and parents need to be careful about plying anything externally.

Using baby oil

While baby skin care products like powder, soap and oils are found in abundance nowadays, a majority of parents still rely on the goodness of massaging their infants with plant and vegetable oil. Selecting the right type of oil is also important in this regard. Among commonplace plant and herbal oils used for baby massage, coconut, olive and sesame seed oil deserve a special mention. Sesame seed oil though used widely for culinary purposes, has proven benefits when used for massaging, both on adult and baby skin.

sesame oil

Benefits of Using Sesame Seed Oil For Massaging Babies

There are several advantages of using sesame seed oil for massaging a baby boy or girl.

  • When sesame seed oil is applied on baby skin, it aids in preventing skin rash and blisters. The section of a baby’s body that is covered by diaper is more prone to developing rashes. This can be caused by friction of tender skin with diapers and clothes. The area should be massaged with sesame oil for best results.
  • It is believed that massaging babies with sesame oil can calm them down. Stressed babies can be put to sleep after application of the oil.
  • Babies have delicate bones and it is important that you feed them right nutrient filled foods and massage them with oils that help in developing and strengthening bones. In this regard, sesame oil is the right option
  • It is very important to keep the skin of your baby hydrated and nourished, Sesame seed oil is better for hydrating and moisturizing than so many OTC baby skin care products.
  • Massaging babies with sesame seed oil can also be helpful for boosting their immunity level against common cold and cough.
  • Like the skin, scalp of a baby can also benefit from receiving sesame seed oil massage. To heal scalp infections and flakes in babies, you can massage the affected skin areas with this oil after washing with recommended gentle shampoos.

Facts On Using Sesame Oil For Baby Massage

It is better to massage your kids with this herbal oil in cold and dry winter months. This oil is heavy in texture and so massaging the infants in humid summer days with it is not advisable. While sesame seed oil is nourishing and has proven antibacterial properties, you need to be cautious while applying it on the skin of babies with skin infections. Sensitive skin of babies may react differently to specific components. You should consult with a child specialist before applying the oil on a baby.

Cold Pressed Or Dark Sesame Oil

There are some debates on which version of sesame seed oil is better for massaging your baby with. There are two variants of the oil- cold pressed or pure sesame oil and dark sesame oil. The difference lies in the way they are manufactured. Cold pressed or pure sesame oil is made without using heat in any form. This variant has a pale yellow hue. On the contrary, dark sesame oil is made using heat and the aroma is quite different.

While you can use both types of sesame seed oil for massaging babies, experts argue that using cold pressed or pre sesame oil is more beneficial. This is because:

  1. Cold pressed variant retains a higher amount of healthy fatty acids.
  2. The sesamolin content present in pure sesame seed oil help it from getting oxidized which means it has a longer shelf life.